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CD product media one after another, the United States that the IPO Facebook, effect?

Freezing of up to six months for the overseas kaufen Facebook chips  listing of China's Internet industry has

re-emerged in a kaufen Facebook poker chips  proposed U.S. IPO eat crabs. China Auto Rental, the only

product, easy to

The media three Internet companies kaufen Zynga Chips have submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange

Commission (SEC) a kaufen Zynga Poker Chips  prospectus, which opened in 2012 the Chinese Internet

companies listed overseas

The regiment.

In prices this kaufen FB Chips year began

Line up the United States market

Headquartered in kaufen FB poker Chips  Shanghai, Internet advertising service providers easy media 17 IPO

applications submitted Cheap Facebook chips to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, plans to be

listed on the NASDAQ (microblogging),

Financing of $ 100 million, Goldman Cheap Facebook poker chips Sachs (Asia) and Credit Suisse is the lead

underwriter of the transaction.

On the same day, the brand discounted Cheap Zynga Chips power and commercial enterprises is the only

product will be Cheap Zynga Poker Chips submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission the IPO

application documents to be listed on the Cheap FB Chips  NYSE, plans to raise up to

$ 125 million of funds. Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Oppenheimer Fund, will serve as the only product

of the IPO underwriters.

Prior to this, China's largest car Cheap FB poker Chips rental companies - China Auto Rental on January 18

with the U.S. Securities Cheap FB Chips and Exchange Commission to submit a listing application, the

company intends

Listed on the NYSE, and raised about 300 million U.S. dollars. China Auto Rental since December 2011, the

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to modify the submission of rules, the first delivery to the U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission

Cross-listing application of Cheap FB poker Chips Chinese enterprises.

ChinaVenture Investment Group Research Director Li Weidong after frozen in the second half of 2011,

companies listed on the United States this year began

Queue up.

It seems the industry after Cheap FB Chips a period of time, the Chinese concept stocks in overseas capital

markets suffered a Cheap FB poker Chips credibility crisis, VIE structure (variable interest entities) regulatory

concerns and the Ministry of Facebook chips for sale Points short bodies "intentional hunting, resulting in the

overseas listing of domestic enterprises was stalled. The three Chinese companies finally landed on the U.S.

capital markets, or

Will become the benchmark of zynga poker chips for sale iphone  whether the current Chinese stocks


Facebook effect?

China's Internet industry in 2011 experienced Zynga Chips for sale the "roller coaster" market in the overseas

capital market has Zynga Chips for sale experienced in the history of the most intensive "overseas IPO boom

in the first half, second half Zynga Poker Chips for sale  Plunged into the freezing point, and basically shut

down the overseas listing window. By the freeze in the Zynga Chips for sale market, Shanda Literature

(microblogging), Shenzhen Thunder (microblogging), handle network (microblogging) reluctantly announced

the postponement of

The pace of IPO. 2011 half of the Nasdaq index is down nearly 40% more than in almost shares have been


This "bleak" background, and the Divine Car Rental, the only product will be the AdChina three in the

enterprise trend to apply for the IPO, in addition to Zynga Poker Chips for sale their own development

strategy, investors cash to exit the demand

And other factors, or the concept of the Internet and recent overseas capital markets again sought related.

(Editor's Note: The listed materials, financial new network is estimated that only products submitted

The end of 2011 the only product to have only $ 44,954,800 in cash and cash equivalents, according to the

2011 years are the calculation of FB Chips for sale operating costs, cash flow barely enough to operate seven

. The market will inevitably reverie, the only product will be overwhelmed by listing one of the reasons is the

shortage of FB Chips for sale cash. )

Recently, the world's largest social networking site Facebook submit the IPO, plans to raise $ 5 billion

company valuation up to $ 75 billion FB poker Chips for sale to 100 billion.

Facebook has become by far the largest technology companies in the IPO. In addition, the U.S. review site

Yelp IPO application submitted on February 16, plans to finance a

Billion U.S. dollars.

Analysys International (microblogging), Huang Meng, an analyst at Facebook listed under the effect of

somewhat cold Chinese Internet market will usher in the capital to re-examine.

Facebook up to 2 times the return on investment will be the catalyst for the recent drive investment

institutions in the largest emerging markets to explore upstart.

At the same time, however, analysts believe that the Facebook listing effects of short-term will give the

industry a good incentive, but its nearly $ 100 billion valuation may also be

Is the symbol of a new round of the Internet bubble, its official date of listing Perhaps it is when the bubble

burst. Therefore, some Internet companies try FB poker Chips for sale to catch up before this IPO

To avoid when encountered adverse kaufen Facebook poker chips  impact.

The three listed Chinese Internet companies to get together, the overseas capital market, Recently is not

peaceful. Some well-known Internet companieskaufen Facebook poker chips after the IPO, have both been


Hair. "Buy the Groupon site originator, the U.S. online gaming company Zynga, etc., after the stock trading at

below issue price, indicating investors still on the Internet upstart


Although faced with a "break" pressure, but the financing needs of Chinese companies listed overseas is still

strong. Piper Jaffray Investment Bank Chief Representative of China Rui recently through

Gel, there are at least 20 Chinese companies overseas IPO in the queue to see who the first one listed, none

of the listed performance is good, you kaufen Facebook poker chips can open the share window.

2012 China Internet will continue zynga poker chips for sale iphone  to hot, to usher in the overseas listing of frenzy. "Baidu CEO Robin Li

recently released 2011 earnings kaufen Facebook poker chips call with analysts

The meeting said.

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