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  • Jual Beli Chip Poker - The World Buffs are a real plague on WoW Classic since their appearance in version 2.0 of Vanilla

Blizzard is adding an item that will be buyable by characters that allow them to store world buffs, allowing you to save their durations without having to resort to purposefully logging your character out. The method uses a bought item from Chromie which is treated as a consumable that will need to be purchased for multiple uses. There is a one hour cooldown everytime they are used so that you can’t simply turn buffs on just for bosses and off again for other content.

The World Buffs are a real plague on WoW Classic since their appearance in version 2.0 of Vanilla (which is not really Vanilla, we know, we were there). However, with the upcoming opening of Classic Era servers dedicated to players who do not wish to evolve in Outland and prefer to stay forever on Phase 6 of the game, the developers have planned some improvements in terms of global bonuses.

As a reminder, the bonuses concerned are as follows:

  •     Blessing of the Warchief (Horde Onyxia Access only)
  •     Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer (Head of Onyxia or Nefarian)
  •     Spirit of the Zandalar (Heart of Hakkar)
  •     Mol'dar's Determination (Dire Ax)
  •     Fengus' Ferocity (Dire Maul)
  •     Slip'kik Judge (Dire Maul)
  •     Songflower Serenade (Felwood)

Yes, this means that players are encouraged to stop playing the game by the mechanic of buff duration on these rare world buffs. Now, Blizzard doesn’t want players to feel forced to stop playing, but they also don’t want to remove these world buffs from the game or anything like that, and so comes the Chronoboon Displacer, an item sold by Chromie in Andorhal that allows you to essentially offload your world buffs onto it, where it will hold them until you’re ready to reapply them to yourself. So if you port to Dire Maul and get the buffs from the Tribute Run, you can “store” those buffs in the Displacer. You can’t go get them again — they’re locked as long as they’re in the Displacer — but you can go about your day playing WoW Classic and save those buffs for when you need them most.

Where do I get one?
Well, given the complex temporal mechanics involved, you obviously need to make a deal with a Bronze Dragon, and you can find a friendly one named Chromie located in Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands. Of course she 'll likely want your help repairing the time stream first, but once you' ve helped her out with that, she 'll be happy to sell you as many Chronoboon Displacers as your heart di lei desires.

This is an interesting change for how Blizzard is looking to protect the Classic Era servers. There was going to be immediate problems with the popularity and long term raiding viability with these servers. Many are going to move onto TBC and Classic Era starting and staying with phase 6 already out on release means that the content is already stale. Worse, world buffs for the most part are a limited resource. It takes a 60, nay a whole raid of 60s to get the Ony or Nef head. The whole raid to get you there and a fresh 60 who hasn’t yet gotten the head. That’s a lot to expect for long-term plans when the buff is a one and done kind of thing. The head and the heart are by far the biggest buff and they are limited by the 60s that run them.

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