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  • Jual Beli Chip Poker - The original Splinter Cell games were hardcore stealth titles

Given the size and popularity of the Splinter Cell franchise, it's hard to fathom that this is only the second game to be released in the current generation of consoles (aside from the Wii U, which is of course Nintendo's next gen). However, when you look back at some of the changes that Conviction made and how many gamers were not fans of those changes, it's easy to see why Ubisoft has taken its time. Blacklist is certainly not a return to the old school Splinter Cell, but is instead a mix of Conviction and its predecessors. It's a game that gives a lot of choice in how you play, and if Ubisoft wanted a balance between stealth and action, then they achieved their objective.

Speaking with Chinese video game publication, Gamer Sky, Guillemot spoke briefly about a possible new Splinter Cell game. However, he stressed that any new Splinter Cell title from Ubisoft could be in the form of an experiment on different devices.

“On Splinter Cell there will be some new type of experiences, but more on different devices,” Guillemot said in a video interview. “So, we are working a lot on the brand today to come back at one point.”

Guillemot didn’t announce a new Splinter Cell game in the interview. Instead, he said that Ubisoft has to “find the right experience to come back big.”

Much as we did with Conviction we almost feel guilty for enjoying Blacklist. It’s a game that does everything very well but, except for Spies Vs. Mercs, often seems to be pulling its punches. It’s a Jenga-like tower of compromises but it’s also a surprisingly stable one.

Long-term fans are likely to turn their noses up in disgust, despite the various attempts to placate them, but while this is not the Splinter Cell of old that in itself should not be a criticism. Viewed on its own merits it’s a highly entertaining and feature-packed video game, and that’s all that really matters.

Multiplayer Excellence
A new "Blacklist" mode lets you push the limits of customization and use the money you've earned in other parts of the game to make custom build-outs of weapons and gadgets. A lot of the gear is designed to counter the opposing team which makes for an interesting mini-arms race. For example, the Spy can carry a gas mask that nullifies the Merc's gas grenade. Spies vs. Mercs is good enough to be a game by itself.

In terms of the gameplay, you can play how you choose. Ubisoft has spoken many times about how they wanted to bring back the true stealth of the series, but there is a few missions that puzzle us with regards to these statements. In fact, one of the campaign missions is closer to a Call of Duty mission than a typical Fisher mission. We are almost certain it's impossible to go through this game without killing enemies, although the game does encourage stealth, especially at the higher difficulty levels.

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