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  • Jual Beli Chip Poker - Some Important Tips to Winning in Minion Masters

Minion Masters: The realm's greatest Masters face off in a never-ending conflict for glory. Will you play Control, Aggressive, Swarm or Giant Minions? Choose a Master matching your playstyle and build the best deck to overthrow your opponents in short intense games! An addictive fast-paced hybrid of Card games & Tower-Defense. Play 1v1 - or bring a friend for 2v2 - and engage in epic online multiplayer battles full of innovative strategy and awesome plays! Collect 200+ cards with unique mechanics, all free!

In Minion Masters you play either solo or as a two man team, with the sole objective to destroy the enemy tower whilst protecting your own tower.  Each player picks a Master, who has a unique set of abilities with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Each player picks a deck of 10 unique cards, not counting wildcards, more on that later.  Your deck will cycle through these cards in the order they are played, with the only random part being the initial starting order.  You are guaranteed to cycle through every card within the first 1 or 2 minutes of gameplay.

Check out these quick tips:

Know How to Build a Solid Draft Deck
Much of drafting a good deck is about understanding the nuances of each deck master and the various strategies within the game. That being said, there are some basic guidelines you can follow.

Best Beginner Decks
All of these Decks are fully free-to-play as they're easy and cheap to craft. Along with that, they're perfect for beginners as you'll already have most of the cards in your beginner deck when you first start out and finish the tutorial.

Swarm Your Opponent With Flying Minions
This tactic will take you far when playing against other new players. Most people will focus on melee minions when building their decks.

However, these minions can be easily thwarted. Simply pepper your deck with swarms of flying minions in order to overwhelm your enemy. Unable to attack flying targets, your enemy’s melee minions will simply sit back and watch the devastation.

Powerful 2 vs 2 Diona Deck
A high defense Diona Deck, this Card build excels in controlling the Bridge and playing versus Nyrvir. This deck requires high investment as it features 4 Legendary and 1 Supreme unit in the setup. To craft it you'll need 9050 Shards but it's totally worth it as it counters most of the current meta Decks.

Here Are Some Common Tactics
If you want to make the most out of your deck, then you are going to want to try these tactics.

  • Ram: Flood the field with ground hoard minions. Then, invite a rammer or two to the field. Your hoard minions will soak up damage so your rammers can make it to their targets. This simple tactic is a cornerstone of Minion Masters.
  • Scrat: This is a defensive tactic. If your enemy is battering away at your tower, send a hoard of Scrat minions to hold them off. Save up your mana while they do their work so you can unleash a counter-attack.
  • Tower: Flood the field with Stun Lancers. Once they have begun attacking the tower, your opponent’s master will become unable to attack.

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