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  • Jual Beli Chip Poker - R2M added new items and improved convenience

R2M Diamonds `R2M` is a mobile game developed based on the PC MMORPG `R2 (Reign of Revolution)` which Webzen has developed and serviced for 14 years. As it is a game representing Webzen along with the'MU' series expectations in the mobile market are high.


First from October 8th (Thursday) to October 15th (Thursday) an event to find the hidden Hangul in the game will be held in the'R2M' official community. It is an event to search for Korean words designated by GM (Game Master) in the game cheap R2M Diamonds and designated words are guided through'GM Note' posted on the official website of'R2M'.

'R2M' significantly increases the probability of obtaining items in field dungeons increasing the chances of members obtaining items. In addition items that can be obtained from the 3rd floor of the Flame Cave the 2nd-4th floor of the King's Tomb the 1st-4th floor of the beetle pit and the inside/outside of Ertes are added.

On the other hand Webzen will not use external platforms such as'cafe' but will directly operate the'R2M' community platform. Any gamer who wants to join the'R2M' official community can easily sign up by linking their existing accounts such as Google/Facebook/Apple without having to create a separate account. In this community game and content information and business schedule for'R2M' will be announced first.

On the other hand as of today admission to the event dungeon "Heraken's Garden" is ended. The production of related items can be used until the regular inspection on October 22nd.

Treat yourself to some R2M Diamonds virtual currency! Enhance your character so that you can have the bells and whistles. Buy R2M Diamonds Top Up service from and minimize the madness. Seize the moment with R2M Mobile embark on a chaotic quest to victory.

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