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  • cheap pokerist chip - pokerist: New Tournament System in Test

In the world of online role-playing game "pokerist" is currently tested a new tournament system

for PvP mode. In the pokerist offcial web,some information about the tournament has been


ArenaNet provides us on the official website of the online role-playing game "pokerist" on a

regular basis with all kinds of news. buy Cheap pokerist chip And even today, the company introduced more information in

circulation. In detail, it is about the tournament system of 28 January to 4 Is tested February 2013.


It states: "In this new tournament system come as opposed to the usual eight teams that are

required for a normal paid tournament, two teams compete against each other. During this test, it

will still be free tournaments that paid tournaments buy Cheap pokerist chip will be replaced for the duration of the week

with this test system. "


"pokerist offcial said they will test the usefulness of the temple of quiet storm as tournament map

and pokerist new system, in which two teams compete in a match against each other over a

game, try on this map. This means that guidl wars 2 players need for a tournament not undergo

three rounds, but instead it only plays a ...."Full Details to participate pokerist nes system you can

find on the official page of" pokerist ".. But you can stay on to buy Cheap pokerist chip here.

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