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When the cooperation with the kaufen FB poker Chips Facebook game developers found some kind of special relationship between Facebook and Zynga, they kaufen Facebook chips are angry.

If Google can make good use of this opportunity, it will be able to encourage developers to have defected to their own social kaufen Facebook poker chips networking platform Google . For Facebook really

Zynga have a particular relationship is kaufen Zynga Chips still unknown.

In cooperation with the Facebook seems a lot of game developers, Facebook, Zynga really be preference, as far as they know, the two sides reached into an kaufen Zynga Poker Chips  unusual

Exclusive agreement for the growth kaufen FB poker Chips of the target. These game developers know that they are unable to compete with Zynga. Therefore, they are more likely to defect kaufen FB Chips to another piece of virgin land -

Google  social gaming kaufen FB poker Chips platform.

Who declined to game developers in the name of the Facebook platform, "said Zynga, the agreement with Facebook, outrageous, and we really want Cheap Facebook chips to test

Consider either keep Facebook continue Cheap Facebook poker chips to cooperate. "

Dan Rose, Facebook's vice president of marketing platform for recognition of a number of game developers on Facebook are very disappointed, but now in Cheap Zynga Chips the company's IPO silent period,

This, the company this can not be too much to explain. But he insisted, Facebook does not like rumors like Zynga Cheap Zynga Poker Chips using Facebook Credit

The Zynga preference.

Rose said in an interview, "Facebook is a platform of fair competition, whether it is in economic terms or in the distribution of all Cheap FB Chips by the rules

Things. "

Game developers show their view, the CEO of Digital Chocolate Ttip Hawkins, is the only one willing to reveal their own Cheap FB poker Chips names CEO.

Facebook platform he will be at a meeting Facebook chips for sale described as "feudal monarchy" (feudal lords).

Hawkins said, "we all know, the Facebook platform, Zynga has the absolute advantage of the contract, which makes the situation of the other game developers Facebook poker chips for sale more storm

Difficult. Policy changes difficult to profit, but when they find unfair competition in the market makes a lot of game developers, we are the victims. Facebook and

Zynga relationship is complex can no longer complex, it is like a money to maintain the failed marriage. Both sides are neither happy Zynga Chips for sale nor free. "

Other Facebook collaborators heard the news disappointed. Another declined to disclose the name of the game developers Zynga Poker Chips for sale CEO, said, "Overall

Facebook and Zynga can not be separated from each other, Zynga, get special treatment, which is not fair to other developers. Our long-term in an FB Chips for sale unfair world

, That we know very well, but could do nothing. So we hope that the cooperation with Google +. "

Another game developer, chief executive officer, said, "In order to make the Zynga Facebook at Credit, I would have anticipated that they will secret to FB poker Chips for sale  achieve some special

Agreement, because they can not do without each other. But when informed that Facebook commitment Zynga to help reach a certain user goals, I am Cheap Facebook poker chips very angry. "

The chief executive has been reluctant to disclose their name, do not want to affect the working relationship with Facebook. This indirectly kaufen FB poker Chips indicates that their influence is more than

The trivial, had kaufen Zynga Poker Chips attached to Facebook, They are also likely to be the Zynga 'acquisition targets.

Said Lou Kerner, the Wedbush Secuties kaufen Zynga Chips analyst, "I think Facebook and Zynga, the close relationship between kaufen Zynga Chips the two sides is beneficial, but detrimental to their

It is game developer. Facebook claims that he is absolutely fair platform, but the agreement is clearly contrary to the statement. "

Facebook tried to communicate with game developers to explain and no preference for Zynga, and in order to appease their kaufen Facebook poker chips  anger. In fact, Zynga

Sometimes disgust with Facebook to keep this relationship. Just a year ago, Zynga, CEO Mark Pincus said that in addition

Facebook platform, Zynga plans to kaufen Facebook chips broaden its own social gaming platform, Zynga Live portal and intend to kaufen Facebook chips develop their game. Because

Facebook and Zynga on Facebook Credit reached an kaufen Facebook poker chips agreement, Zynga, these plans and not implemented.

Currently, Zynga, Facebook platform has Facebook poker chips for sale reached 200 million to 64 million active users, more than the sum of Facebook poker chips for sale the user's top 15 game companies.

Really angered those game developers that leaked out of Zynga submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Zynga Chips for sale documents, documents show, Zynga from Facebook

Many benefits, and these other developers did not get. Zynga said that because of his support for Facebook's credit, and in the file

Facebook signed an exclusive agreement, the provisions of the agreement, Zynga, 30% of the proceeds from the virtual goods Cheap Facebook chips game to Facebook, this is to use

Facebook Credit Cheap Facebook chips standard costs.

In return for Zynga, Facebook will help Zynga contract covers Zynga game independent user's specific growth targets ". Facebook Cheap FB poker Chips sound

Said did not share with Zynga own social network advertising revenue, but in the future, Zynga may share its products Cheap FB poker Chips sold by Facebook

The profits generated by the ads. Although the the Zynga disclosure of the agreements with Facebook, some of the information, suggesting that Facebook, with its wide sharing FB Chips for sale social networking  FB Chips for sale platform

Report profits, but Facebook is denied.

Dissatisfied with other developers on Facebook Zynga monthly unique users a specific growth target. These game developers also said that they Zynga

Signed an exclusive agreement with Facebook specialized question of Facebook, but Facebook responded that no such thing as Cheap Facebook poker chips an exclusive agreement.

A social game developers, said the developers are not being misled? Answer is yes. Facebook Zynga enjoy policy and other kaufen FB Chips games open

Hair is exactly the same provider. But the kaufen Facebook chips fact is not the case. "

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