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  • Jual Beli Chip Poker - Here is about Madden 21 Franchise Mode Update 2 detail

Back in November, EA released the first details on changes coming to franchise mode in Madden 21. The first set of franchise updates dropped late last year as part of the November 12th Title Update. Tomorrow, more Commissioner improvements and other franchise changes will be added alongside another title update. The big news in today’s Gridiron Notes reveals these franchise updates will be coming to all versions of Madden 21. This is different than NBA 2K21’s approach, where huge improvements to the game’s engine and game modes are exclusive to next-gen versions of the game.

It’s a lot to go over but we’ll cover all of those things in more depth below.

Undoing free agent signings.
There are times when a specific player is off-limits in a franchise mode because of a team ownership change in your league or a user who wasn’t able to re-sign a player they should have.

Now a commissioner can just go into the transaction log, click on the signing you want to revert and send the player back the free agency.

Commissioners can also toggle settings like heat seeker, ball hawk, and switch assist.

CPU QB Draft Logic Improvements
When teams draft a first-round quarterback in real life, it’s a sign of commitment from a team to a player saying, “we think you can be, or now are, the face of our organization.”

As a part of our next update, we have added new logic checks that CPU teams will use to guide whether they should even be interested in drafting a QB when they’re on the clock in Round 1. Now, teams will evaluate their roster and previous draft picks of the last two years to keep teams from replacing players too soon.

Here is the breakdown by EA of the new QB CPU project logic:

“When a CPU team is on the clock, it now de-prioritizes writing a first-round QB if:

    Their current starting QB was a first-round pick in the last two drafts
    Their current starting QB was a 2nd / 3rd round pick in the last two drafts
    And has a normal Dev and 72+ OVR
    And has the Star development trait or higher
    Their current starting QB is a 94+ OVR
    Their current starting QB is 87+ OVR and 32+ years old
    Their current starting QB is 74+ OVR and <29 years old
    Their current save QB is a Star Development Trait or above and <28 years old

Commissioner setting – X factor customization restrictions
X-Factor customization was added in the first update. This addition gives the commissioner the ability to determine who can modify player abilities.

The settings can be set to any user, commissioner only, or none. Overall, this list of fixes isn’t bad in the grand scheme of things, but we’re still waiting for the element that really makes the Madden franchise feel like a new experience.

Trade Logic Improvements
We are focused on delivering improvements to player and draft pick evaluations to create more rewarding and authentic trades for Madden 21 that we will continue to build and improve upon in the future.

Franchise League History
We are adding a new tile where you can see the Super Bowl and key award winners from each year of your franchise. This will include how many times a team has won the Super Bowl in the franchise, along with MVP, Coach of the Year, Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive/Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Super Bowl MVP.

For Madden 21, this will track every season in your franchise from the season this is added and forward. Any history prior to the addition of this new feature will not be accessible as we previously did not save off Superbowl scores among other things upon the start of a new league year. Any new league will have every season played tracked, however.

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