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  • Jual Beli Chip Poker - Blizzard removes all Game Time purchase options for World of Warcraft besides 60 days

A Blizzard announced last Thursday (25) a radical change in the additional play time options it offered players of World of Warcraft. From now on, players no longer have the options to extend their subscriptions by 30, 90 or 180 days, being able to choose only packages that grant an additional 60 days of MMO access, sold at R $ 84.

The latest changes to World of Warcraft come in terms of Game Time purchases, eliminating all-but the 60-day option. World of Warcraft, which birthed the MMO era, still has an incredibly strong player base and consistent updates to the game. First revealed at BlizzCon 2021, the Shadowlands’ Chains of Domination update for World of Warcraft was released last month. With it came a continuation of the Shadowlands’ narrative, and plenty of new raids and dungeons for players to experience. The release of new content is always telling of a game’s current status, and it seems as though WoW isn’t falling victim to time, but rather maintaining its presence among fans. Despite its success, Blizzard has made serious changes to purchasing options that limit how players interact with the well-known title.

But this change does not affect “World of Warcraft” subscriptions, which players can still buy on a recurring monthly basis or in increments of 90 and 180 days.Although subscriptions are probably the most common way to access the game, many players prefer to purchase the game time as a once-off purchase.

It is an excellent option if you do not play consistently, as you can just purchase a little bit of game time whenever the player needs it rather than committing to a monthly fee that potentially gets wasted.

While this doesn't affect anyone paying through an automatic subscription, the change drastically hits those who bought game time using their Blizzard Balance. With the WoW Token being introduced several years ago and how much easier it is to make gold nowadays, many savvy players could make enough to cover the cost of 30 days or buy additional months at a slightly cheaper price. After today's update, newcomers and those with less gold will need to farm twice the usual amount for their game time while purchasing additional months no longer come as a discount.

This change affects those who are not avid WoW players, as they are more inclined to take breaks and may not want to invest in an entire 6-month subscription to the game. This change pigeonholes players into subscribing or forces them to drop more money on the 60-day Game Time purchase. This change might work in Blizzard’s favor, getting players to spend longer in the World of Warcraft universe, or it may backfire and finally send players away from the game permanently.

While the amount charged for the additional game time has always been greater than the equivalent time to subscribe, they have some advantages. In addition to not requiring the use of credit cards to be purchased, they are a good option for those who want to experience MMO in more controlled time doses and do not want to deal with the management of recurring subscriptions.  

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