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  • Jual Beli Chip Poker - Aurora Legend is a pretty bog standard gacha RPG

Aurora Legend transports players into the once beautiful, peaceful and prosperous fantasy world of Aurora. This serene landscape was forever changed once demons appeared as they seized the land and its people, thus plunging the world into utter chaos and darkness. A number of memorable heroes took arms to fight back against this threat to restore the balance between good and evil, but the war took its toll as players will find Aurora devastated and covered in ruins. It’s now up to them to lead hundreds of heroes to defeat the remnants of darkness, bring light back to the land, and become the legend of a new era.

While the graphical style was definitely pretty solid, the special effects looked great, characters and cutscenes were all really well done, I just don’t see the appeal of that little input from me.

Luckily, players that are already familiar with the genre will find many of its staples in Aurora Legend. For instance, there are many RPG elements that exist in other games such as training your characters, leveling up, enhancing equipment, and learning new skills, to name a few. Furthermore, the game also has gacha elements in its summoning system, which is the main way in which you unlock new characters.

At its core, it’s a Gacha game, or has Gacha mechanics, but.. I have to ask you guys, since you all play these games: What about them makes you play them? What specifically do you enjoy about AFK RPGs or AFK games in general?

However, in stark contrast with other adventure games, you will notice that Aurora Legend actually requires minimal interaction. It’s a game about micromanaging your team, setting up powerful compositions, and powering up your characters so that they can perform adequately in battle. However, once they’re out on the field, you won’t have to do anything else other than watching them fight and hoping that they come out on top. With that being said, this game requires a radically different approach than others.

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