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  • Facebook Chips in stock - Zynga for reducing the game to promote service on Facebook dependence planning

The Zynga planning kaufen Facebook chips game to promote service, want to reduce dependence on

Facebook. Informed sources said kaufen Facebook chips that Zynga, still under discussion with the partners

of this new distribution platform, and kaufen Facebook poker chips Internal development is still in progress.

Platform for the final launch may be delayed.

Beijing, February 17 morning news, the two informed sources, Zynga is planning a series of new services to

promote the game of other kaufen Zynga Chips developers to reduce on Facebook dependence.

Informed sources said, Zynga, from March to launch a distribution project. Through this project, other game

developers in kaufen Zynga Poker Chips the Zynga game, as well as a portal

Web site promotion game, Zynga will be kaufen FB Chips divided into revenue from these games.

Zynga in December last year, the IPO (initial public offering), financing of $ 1,000,000,000. The company is

looking for new revenue sources. Provide services kaufen FB poker Chips to other developers

Service, the company will be able to reduce the dependence on Facebook. Facebook Zynga's revenue

contribution of over 90%, and virtual itemsCheap Facebook chips from Zynga game

30% of the share sales.

Zynga spokesman said the company not to comment on rumors or speculation. Relative to the self-

developed game to help Cheap Facebook poker chips other developers to promote the game with less risk.


Invest a lot of money to develop new Cheap Zynga Chips games, Zynga, the profitability has been affected.

Informed sources said, Zynga, is still with partners to discuss this new distribution platform, internal

development is still in progress. Platform for the final launch may be FB poker Chips for sale Delay.

Become a distributor, Zynga will be more similar to traditional video game companies, such as the EA. These

companies to help independent game Cheap Zynga Poker Chips studio release and promotion of the game

, And derive income. According to AppData data, Zynga currently has over 246 million users. Facebook, on

the top FB Chips for sale of the first seven Cheap FB Chips games,

6 game from Zynga.

The data show launched last month "Hidden Chronicles" has Zynga Poker Chips for sale  become the the

Zynga # 3 game, the monthly number of players to Cheap FB poker Chips reach 30.7 million. Top two

"CityVille" and "Texas Hold'em".

An event held last October in the San Francisco headquarters, Zynga launched a new service Project Z. This

service is in order to reduce the Zynga

Facebook dependence. Zynga CEO Mark Pincus Mark Pincus said at the time, the Project Z is one of the

Zynga company Facebook chips for sale strategy Zynga Direct

Points, which aims to establish Facebook poker chips for sale a direct relationship between producers and


Earlier this week, Zynga stock the largest single-day drop since listing. Zynga announced quarter results, the

cost of product development Zynga Chips for sale has seriously affected the interest Run.


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