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  • Cheap Zynga Poker Chips - Zynga engaged in a grand occasion gamble

Allan Leinwand, CTO and chief marketing and revenue director Jeff Karp find another job, the pressure on the whole falls just took office late last month, Maytal Ginzburg, who fill the chief operating officer John Schappert rush left vacant.
Allan Leinwand, CTO and chief marketing and revenue director Jeff Karp find another job, the pressure on the whole falls just took office late last month, Maytal Ginzburg, who fill the chief operating officer John Schappert rush left vacant.

Ginzburg able to stop the the Zynga "bleeding" it? Probably not. Zynga's executives are eyeing the executive search firm. Even if it does not hurry to leave, they are ready. But the bigger issue is: Ginzburg able to turn the tide? This question is not easy to answer ...

Ginzburg has always been subject to media attention. Her job is Internet gambling company 888 Holdings senior vice president. This may be a certain relationship Zynga is undergoing transformation.

The real changes are likely to occur in the beginning of next year. , Zynga will first be launched in the UK the network cash gambling game "Zynga Poker (Zynga Poker). Although gambling market is already very crowded, and filled with experienced players, but Ginzburg should be able to make up for some of the disadvantages.

Huge amounts of bets

Internet gambling is still illegal in the United States, and countries will allow gambling levy heavy taxes on the industry. Currently, the United States, only Nevada allows online poker gambling activities. The license price is about 100-130 ten thousand U.S. dollars. Despite California, New Jersey and Illinois are considering to join the ranks of Nevada, but they have not come up with concrete implementation plans.


At the same time, the Internet gambling industry is working to promote the legalization process.

Everything is in the hands of the U.S. Department of Justice. After years of resolutely resist, they suddenly announced in December last year: Internet gambling is prohibited by law only in the sports gaming industry. Legal experts said the independent approve online poker operations open a door for each state. As long as it does not cross state business, there would be no problem.

Economic level, the news for Zynga this company as favorite honey bear. Just received the government's fight against the online gambling industry in 2010 is still a huge market worth $ 18 billion.

The employ Ginzburg means Zynga believe will further open its online gambling market, get rid of the legislation has been troubled. Zynga is also preparing to become a leader in this area.

With this strategy, Zynga had a big success in the social network game industry (especially the cooperation of the company with Facebook). However, Internet gambling is a completely different market, a Zynga has not set foot in the market.

Coincides with Zynga, in order to speed up the "Full Tilt Poker" (Full Tilt Poker) legal process, the the network gambling industry giant PokerStars last month agreed to pay $ 731 million to the U.S. Department of Justice. Different, PokerStars already has over 50 million registered players.

This figure may be slightly lower than the total number of active players of Zynga's 306 million monthly, but it represents a very focused group. Zynga in the United States is a famous brand, but the company's interest in online poker players still uncertain.

However, if you want to Bipin brand awareness, Caesar's and MGM Grand this company can easily beat Zynga.

Zynga company's trump card is their developers. The competition for core gamers is the key to victory or defeat, Zynga also know how to attract players. Website style is crucial for gambling sites. Zynga experts well versed in creating people fascinated experience just to flex its muscles in this regard.

Combined Ginzburg experience how to build a successful gambling website, Zynga reversal may be significantly improved.

The question is: the above corollary built on the large number of "if" above. If the government's adherence to crack down on Internet gambling industry, Zynga will further fall into the abyss.

The reason for this is the other social game makers are hesitant. If this year accounted for more than 10 million companies are afraid to play and the Government, the gambling industry giants this, small companies more Cheap Zynga Chips   opportunities.

Even if Heng Xiaxin focus on this area, and they just switched to another fiercely competitive market. This will mean higher operational spending and  Cheap Zynga Chips  greater scrutiny.

Atrophy of the field of social games, Internet gambling industry seems to be another heaven. However, this is the the moguls play the game. And the reality is that, despite the cry of a social game is not dead, it will not completely exit the stage of history. It just is in the other game areas have experienced a natural Cheap Zynga Chips  period of change.

While Dore listed companies need to chase this opportunity to make shareholders happy, but other social game companies to follow suit before should still be  Cheap Zynga Chips  carefully considered.

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