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  • Facebook Chips in stock - Zynga Company Profile

Zynga is a social game company, was established in June 2007. Zynga games developed most web games, and publish on kaufen Facebook chips Facebook and

MySpace a kind of social networking sites. The company's headquarters in San Francisco, USA.
Company History
Zynga in June 2007 by the marks ? Pincus Mark Pincus, Michael Luxton, Michael Luxton, Eric ? Xiermaier (Eric

Schiermeyer), Justin Waldron (Justin Waldron,), Andrew Chu Ryder (Andrew Trader) and Steve ? Sheteleer

(Steve Schoettler) was established in 2008 from Kleiner. Perkins. Caulfield and Byers (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,

), Several companies to get the 2000 millions of dollars in venture capital, and the appointment of former Electronic Arts creative director of Penn Gordon, the Bing kaufen Facebook poker chips Gordon, joined the Board

Will. At the same time, they bought a set called YoVille virtual social networking game. According to its Web site said, in December 2009, 60 million kaufen Zynga Chips a day to make

Users on line.
Corporate culture: the pursuit of speed
Speed ??is the key to the success of Zynga. Compared with the traditional game companies such as Blizzard love bouncing, Zynga seems more in line with kaufen Zynga Poker Chips the "fast" society.

Zynga games as Internet products to business fast: rapid introduction of products and faster products to maintain and update. As a kaufen FB Chips more than 1300

Person company, Zynga is the emphasis on speed to reach an incredible degree. Each person must be the same as charged, fast execution. If it is found which kaufen FB poker Chips links have not kept pace

Pincus will jumps. Zynga is internally divided into a number of group, which guarantees speed Pincus required to be executed, but also insurance

Card companies to seize the market and quickly adjusted. Although most companies need to maintain update the game, fix bugs, and Holding

Households freshness, but few companies like Zynga is updated several times a week on the game. FarmVille (Happy Farm) 2009 acquisition Cheap Facebook chips of the team,

Singa 3 development team talking about the request made within a month to develop the game farm. Farm management game is global rage. Final

The Singa acquisition 3 fastest one. Of course, the pursuit of this speed is not blind. Almost at the inception, Zynga have invested a lot of

Resources to build a data warehouse, set up a data model for each game. Zynga internal, each game field has about 30 000 copies of the report, including how to obtain

Households, and how to retain users, how to guide users to pay, the specific effects of each activity in the game ... to do so one obvious advantage is that, Zynga was able to understand

User feedback and pay-effects and game every detail of the link between the function quickly know which part of the game, what adjustments to Cheap Facebook poker chips meet user needs

Requirements, thereby reducing the risk.
Zynga game scale
With the vigorous development of the social networks facebook and myspace, social gaming is also experiencing a history of the golden period of growth. zynga on facebook

The top ten in the game accounted for 6 (Note: The data sampling for zynga games active user peak data), respectively, the farmville of 83 million live

Jump user, the cafe world's 31 million active users, texas holdem 27 million active users, mafia wars of the 25 million active Cheap Zynga Chips users, fishville

24 million active users and petville 19 million active users. Overall, the the Zynga month the total number of active users reached 235 million daily active users

A total of 65 million. And Microsoft's xbox phase, xbox live a total of 20 million active users, the total number of World of Warcraft, compared with 11.5 Cheap Zynga Poker Chips million users. Another

Point of view, and within the same facebook developers, compared to the zynga monthly active users in 2009 to 200 million, while over the same period playfish only 75 million

Playdom is only 60 million. From a revenue point of view, the 2009 zynga annual income of 400 million $ 50 million in 2010 remained

Million of the revenue of momentum with the day (virtual transactions in 2010 will reach $ 1.6 billion), but it should be mentioned that accordingly as their ad spend on facebook

To 60000000-96000000 level. The zynga revenue in 2010 reached $ 850 million, a net profit of nearly $ 400 million. Its valuation from 40 million in 2010

Dollars doubled to $ 70 billion to 90 billion, easily outpacing the market value of about one hundred million U.S. dollars EA60 old brother.
Acquisition Xipei De
May 21 morning news, according to foreign media reported yesterday, the U.S. social game developer Zynga announced the acquisition of Chinese social Cheap FB Chips game developers Xipei De INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Surgery (Beijing) Co., Ltd.. Although the acquisition Xipei De, but Zynga announced its second overseas office in Beijing. Zynga Cheap FB poker Chips had this year

March opened its first overseas offices in Bangalore, India. Zynga and Xipei De did not disclose the terms of this acquisition. Zynga over Facebook chips for sale the past two

4 years of acquisition, the company had also previously acquired YoVille, Serious Business, and My Mini Life, the three companies. The closing on Xipei De

The purchase is the company's first foray into the fast-growing Asian gaming market. Playfish, Zynga the biggest competitors have already opened Facebook poker chips for sale offices in China. Industry

Believe that the main purpose of this acquisition is that the quest for talent, rather than to increase the user base. Xipei De has a large number of excellent developers and engineers,

Zynga also being planned recruitment for the China office of chief technology officer, human resource managers and software engineers. By True Ventures and Pilot

Group funded by two venture capital firms Xipei De is one of the largest social game developer in China, and has developed international platform Zynga Chips for sale such as Facebook

The variety of games. Xipei De CEO Robin Chen (Robin Chan) is also an angel investor of Twitter and Square. After the acquisition, he will come out

Any of the Zynga general manager of business operations in Asia. Xipei De co-founder Andy Tian (Andy Tian) was one of the first batch of employees of Zynga Poker Chips for sale Google in China, he will be responsible for the collar

Guide Zynga studio in Beijing. Xipei De team of 40 employees will be immediately integrated into the Zynga global team, and will focus on engineering and product development

. July 13, Zynga has been in Chengdu, the acquisition of two Internet companies, the total acquisition amount of $ 3,000,000. The acquisition distance acquisition of Chinese social tour

Play Xipei De (the XPD Media) is less than two months, Zynga is accelerating in China layout. Zynga is currently not yet launched against any social FB Chips for sale network in Asia

Game. Zynga did not disclose Xipei De about internationalization and localization of the target. The industry believes that, Zynga, and other game company in Silicon Valley to enter the Chinese

Market, with Yahoo, eBay and Google in China the situation is different, because the Chinese game industry now has a number of listed companies, including Tencent and Shanda

. In addition, this acquisition means that the game companies compete for talent on the Chinese game will be more intense, which will have many games Venture adverse. This

In front of rumors that Facebook's new policy limiting the development of the social game developers, Zynga may withdraw from the platform. However, it seems

Zynga, the situation fairly well, and the company will continue to build their own independent business, and expand the international FB poker Chips for sale tentacles.
Zynga mode
People for different impression of game companies in Europe and America in the traditional sense, Zynga, the mode of operation is more like the culmination of the set of Chinese online game companies, and will play

To an extreme. Zynga first large-scale domestic know, it should be 2009, there were rumors on facebook game "cottage" to steal food in the domestic popular tour

Play - yes, that is Zynga. This is a company founded in June 2007, social game developers to rely on in September the same year on line game "Texas Hold'em" earn

To the pot of gold, then copy the "fast iterative" approach to mimic the introduction of a large number of games. Currently owns 54 titles distributed in the various platforms. Zynga in

facebook game in the top ten accounted for six. Zynga a total of 235 million monthly active users in the world, day active user a total kaufen Zynga Poker Chips of 65 million -

World of Warcraft "the world's total number of subscribers to 11.5 million. Zynga's first requirement for the development of the game is "fast." This requirement is Zynga all business

Standards, regardless of the development, management, operation and maintenance, and even recruitment. Zynga team as soon as possible to complete the development as soon as the ground line, to start as soon as possible and output efficiency.

To this end, Zynga, internal advocates modular iteration production, modular game system, and then in the development and operation of the replacement of kaufen Facebook poker chips the entire module to achieve the game version

Upgrades and functions to increase. Zynga's second feature is just the right props charging, far beyond the other European game kaufen Zynga Chips makers, and the facts show

Have a question circulating in the domestic game circle: "exported to Europe, online games, props charges if it works?" Zynga, that can run than domestic travel

Play vendors faster. Zynga's third characteristic is the first enclosure, and then mining the data. Zynga found a not full even untapped theme kaufen FB Chips of the game or

Those in the form quickly on the line a number of products, and occupation of this area of ??the user. After a user sizable depth data mining. For Zynga, the game is to count

Method, software, planning for user behavior and the purpose of man-machine interaction. This and most European and American game companies stressed that the game or even artistic

Completely contrary to the traditional. Zynga most criticized of its own, but most do not care about the point is, to imitate - or say that plagiarism can also be said cottage.

Zynga will be eyeing the new social game looks promising, quickly launch a similar product, the original product and far behind. Sound in the law Cheap Facebook poker chips of the European

The U.S. market Zynga this approach is to pay the unimaginable price of the domestic market. But Zynga do not care, because of its gaming revenues is much higher than a lawsuit for copyright

Payment of compensation. Zynga seems the recent addition of a characteristic, slightly exaggerated the speed of acquisition of a large number of game Cheap Zynga Poker Chips development team and company. These five features can be

Summed up in a the Zynga mode - sounds very familiar, which can be found in the shadow of almost all well-known Chinese online game Cheap FB poker Chips companies. Consequently, this mode is

Can help the Chinese game companies to quickly rise to become an international giant has become a topic in the industry. The Zynga mode will work in China? China Network

Tour companies have been very difficult in the multi-dimensional standard forward. Which the industry may not like the game, and plug in the project Facebook poker chips for sale management, software development, Internet service

Service ... and even the label of the art management. Label more and more standards. Which companies or which can achieve the ultimate in all  Zynga Chips for sale standard. So

To find out which is more important? Or which can be put aside? Such problems in the industry debate for many years, the reality is that all firms Zynga Poker Chips for sale  continue to carry all

Standards in all aspects of trying to obtain upgrade. Such as the Zynga mode represents the advanced productive forces, then the game makers for FB Chips for sale China was a relief -

-Zynga are doing, most of the game industry is good: to optimize the user experience details, quickly duplicate an existing project template to FB poker Chips for sale find the flow

Sources and improve the conversion rate to optimize consumer guide to enhance Arpu values ??... To sum up: the data decision-making, to give up the R & D Cheap Facebook chips preferred. There are a good model can experience

Certificate Zynga model works. Node of the first negative growth in the size of China's online game market in the mid-2010, if industry-wide the Zynga mode,

Whether this downward curve segment will continue to exist? As a result, last year the number of on-line game will be more homogenization of Cheap Zynga Chips the more serious, so the game the number of users decreased, but

User experience and revenue will be promoted to lose interest - non-paying users will have this game, and paying customers will pay higher spending Cheap Facebook chips limits. This

The model is simplified to the extreme can be described as: Imagine a triangle, the interception of the top 20% zoom, this little triangle cut out two to three times. That

, Compared with the previous graphics, which area? Dragon Tiger Balm, should the domestic game industry universal Zynga mode, the scale of the industry will be reduced.

The Zynga mode, leaving the two user groups, First, there is no primary user of Internet gaming experience, Zynga, will bring them into the kaufen Zynga Poker Chipsgame; the game

No particular preference for paying customers, Zynga, a high income from them, and provide them with high-quality gaming experience. In addition to these two populations

Game experience, the game has its own perception, taste and preferences, willingness to pay and ability, ranging from the crowd how to do it? In Europe and the United States, they still vested belong to EA

And Activision Blizzard; But in China, theydispersed in various game makers' s. So the situation is very simple: Which game makers in order to apply a seemingly can become

Successful Zynga mode, and discarded any existing user? The Zynga mode does not work in China.
Related events
According to foreign media reports, the social game developer Zynga has acquired familyville com domain name which means that Zynga's next game kaufen FB poker Chips might be

Familyville "(Home town). The Fusible site found, familyville com domain name has been transferred to IPCybercrime founder Cheap Facebook poker chips and CEO

Robert Holmes (Rob Holmes) name. In June 2010, the company had previously on behalf of the the Zynga 38,225 U.S. dollars acquisition cityville dot com domain Cheap Facebook chips name. "

Urban town "(CityVille) subsequently became the first monthly active users reached 100 million in Facebook history of the game. [1] Zynga, on August 11 the new Cheap FB Chips Note 9 domains

9 domain names containing the word "Plus". Zynga or in some way to join the Google +. Google + is a social service project, Zynga is a

A social gaming company. Cooperation between the two will usher in a win-win situation. To carry out social services for more than a month earlier in the Google + Google + the introduction of 16

Game. Zynga Zynga Poker among them, but did not launch Zynga's "Farmville," and "CityVille. The Zynga registered domain name more than one

Add a "plus" for the game name, or suggest that they will be more cooperation. [2] In 2011 the end of August to early September Zynga launched the "World of Adventures new game, the game

Facebook, Zynga launch of the new game is a two domain,the domain of independent games for the site to benefit from is obvious Facebook chips for sale to all, Zynga

Whether it intends to win the World of Adventures AdventureWorld related domain names? Currently AdventureWorld dot com domain names have been Facebook poker chips for sale others held by last year when

Domain once the 2010 U.S. dollar transactions. Now the domain is worth far more than the trading price last year, Zynga is interested in acquiring the domain name. [3] Zynga has launched over

"FarmVile" and "CityVille famous social games, in October 2011, they are going to march to a new for" CastleVile, massively multiplayer Zynga Chips for sale online

The online game market. Its related domain CastleVile of the dot-com has been registered. It is understood that the "CastleVile" You can build your own castle and show your friends.

Forging armor refined syrup, and side to experience the huge story story side to visit the towns of your friends and expand trading activities. [4] Zynga, to enter the Chinese

Market "as the Romans do" choose to enable the "star" Larry the domain xingjia dot com, Zynga, and the Chinese character for "star good phonological similarity select xingjia the point

com domain name easy to remember and promotion under the name of the domain name information in Beijing the Xuyang Rongtian Gong Secretary informed Facebook chips for sale that Baidu query earlier xingjia dot com domain name domain name owner

Department of people Sun the Yajiang, domain name zynga poker chips for sale iphone  registration in 2004, information to change the time in August. [5] Zynga game companies plan to launch a file called "Forestville" (The new game of the forest town) has a low profile registered a number of games domain, the domain name has not been enabled. [6] Zynga1 month on the 5th announced the launch of mobile social games "Scramble

With Friends ", the domain name protection action has been initiated, low-profile registered more than one brand domain name. Zynga, the game's external blog Cheap Zynga Chips platform, announced a few by the provider

Trademark protection company MarkMonitor registered domain.

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