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  • Facebook Chips in stock - World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.3 Twilight trial formally launched

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.3 Twilight trial formally launched

"World of Warcraft 4.3 patch client: Twilight trial
 Table of Contents
 Classes: General
 Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin,
 Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior
 Dungeons & Raids
 User Interface
 Integrated error kaufen Facebook chips correction (error correction on the contents of the above table has

been written in the corresponding paragraph)
 New underground city: the end of the Caverns of Time
 This brand new 5 man heroic kaufen Facebook poker chips dungeons will open the line of the task of saving

the world, and the guardian of the world shows a frightening future: of the wings of death

Succeed, Azeroth will become a wasteland.
 New Dungeon: Well of Eternity
 In this new 5-man hero kaufen Zynga Chips  underground city, the adventure will return to 1 million years

ago, to try to recapture the soul of the Dragon.
 New Dungeon: Twilight trial
 In this last stage of the new 5-man heroic dungeons, players will face the Twilight Hammer in the

Dragonblight in today and help Saar Dragon Soul safe arrival at

Wyrmrest Temple, the offensive against Deathwing began.
 A copy of the new team: the Dragon Soul
 The players will have the opportunity kaufen Zynga Poker Chips to participate in the battle of Wyrmrest

Temple and beyond to help Thrall and guardian dragon to wipe out the Black Dragonflight. In the copy of

the 10 - and 25 players

To select three different difficulty challenges the wings of death, to obtain epic gear.
 Palatine prison new leader: Ali Sa Baer
 Control Thor Ballard's camp will be able to challenge the new leader Ali Sa Baer 10 and 25 Palatine prison.

This leader of the war line kaufen FB Chips  in the 4.3 patch

Weeks after the quarter of the 11th open.
 New legendary items: the tooth of the Dragon Father
 The most sophisticated, the most deadly Stalkers will be in their own way to influence the fate of the world:

to manipulate the direction of the majorkaufen FB poker Chips  events in the shadows. The player travels

throughout the continent,

To complete the investigation of a range of vital, theft, infiltration and assassination mission. The Stalker

successful completion of the task will receive a special pair of daggers. With the player's task

Progress, they also will gradually be strengthened. Ultimately, the essence of this dagger will be injected into

the ancient god of evil and the Black Dragonflight Cheap Facebook chips crazy anger, and that gives the


Powerful force. These forces include: a agile effects can be superimposed, and sneak behind the emergence

of black wings; a short period of time remove the batter point of consumption and improve the final

Results technological injury. In addition, the wings can also initiate (does not affect the combat balance), to

slow down the falling speed of the Cheap Facebook poker chips role, sneak slowly landing ... or play a

Back to the airborne Jones!
 New features: Team Finder
 Brand new team, allowing players to quickly and easily organize teams, experience its unique difficulty at this

stage the ultimate game: the Dragon Soul team a copy.
 New feature: the metamorphosis of items
 This new feature allows the player unprecedented customization of their equipment: the appearance of a

magic items copied to a magic Cheap Zynga Chips items. You can

Cathedral Square in Stormwind and Orgrimmar's alley area to find the metamorphosis, vanity storage and

recast merchants.
 New function: void warehouse
 Now, other than banks, the players and the addition of a new "deep storage" system, in order to help the

role of storage Cheap Zynga Poker Chips equipment like the liberation of the backpack space. You can be in

the storm

The church square of the Windy City and Orgrimmar the alley area to find the metamorphosis, vanity storage

and recast merchants.
 First recast businessman now ... retirement. Spirit of the Void took over the business, and an increase of

metamorphosis and empty Cheap FB Chips warehouses. You can Stormwind Cathedral Square and the


Ge Ruima the alley area to find them.
 Darkmoon Faire
 Go dark on the island in the first week of each month, you can participate in the new Darkmoon Faire

activities, including the new Cheap FB poker Chips task, performances, games, recipes, toys, balloons,

Souvenirs, snacks, drinks, achievements and titles.
 Outland and Northrend quest line improvements
 From 71 to rise to the experience of the 80 needed to be reduced by about 33%.
 Re-adjust the Outland and Northrend, a large number of team tasks, players will now be able alone to

accomplish these tasks. These tasks are no longer belong to the team task.
 Outland and Northrend dungeons new tasks related to the publisher. Of these areas most of the

underground city tasks can be Facebook chips for sale received in all the underground city.
 Achievements Alterac Valley dominated conditions no longer include "The Alterac Blitz achievement.
 Achievement, "Leo Ballard Elite victory screening decreased from 100 games to 25 games.
Classes: General
 Slightly adjust the anti-war, anti-riding, and blood death knights and feral druids revenge skills. This ability

will no longer slow in the beginning of the battle to enhance the role of attack strength,

Changed in the tank for the first time subjected to melee attack, resulting in the equivalent of harm suffered

by the attack strength of 33%. In Facebook poker chips for sale addition, when the periodic refresh of the

effect in the battle, it

Always equivalent to the harm suffered by the attack strength of 33% in the last two seconds for the tank to

improve. From the value it will Zynga Chips for sale still be before the frequency began to increase, not hurt

Still will gradually subside, and still not exceed the maximum calculated based on the value of life and

endurance values ​​of the tanks.
 The occupation of the threat generated by the activation tank mode from the damage caused by 300% to

500%. The changes apply Zynga Poker Chips for sale for the Druid in Bear form, open to fresh

Blood aura of death knights, soldiers to open the defense posture as well as activation of Righteous Fury

 Now, if the incidental effect of certain spells can be broken to exceed a certain upper limit the damage, then

(Entangling FB Chips for sale Roots, fear, Frost Nova, etc.), then the law

The surgery will be the damage absorption or other damage reduction class effect of relief out of harm value.
 Gain state
 Slightly adjust all of the increase 10% attack strength of the team and the squad gain status. They can still be

a 10 percent increase ranged attack power, increase melee attack

Impact strength will be raised to 20%.
 The power of hate: the team gain state increased the melee attack power increased from 5/10% / 20% to 10,

but the increase ranged attack power is still 5/10%.
 Blessing of Might: the team gain state increased the melee attack power increased from 10% to 20%, but the

increase ranged attack power by 10%.
 Rune scrolls force: 16% melee attack power from 8 percent increase in the consumables mentioned, but the

increase ranged attack power by 8%.
 Trueshot Aura: the melee attack power of the team gain state increased from 10% to 20%, but the increase

ranged attack power by 10%.
 Unleashed Rage: the team gain state increased the melee attack power increased from 5/10% / 20% to 10,

but the increase ranged attack power is still 5/10%.
Death Knight
 Death Strike Death Knight can always restore the value of life, regardless of whether the attack misses or

dodge / parry. As a result of this FB poker Chips for sale  changes, the spirit world to combat

Not hit the target will no longer refund runic power consumption, because the death knight still get

 Blood Presence armor bonus from 30% to 50%.
 Death Knight pet now correctly by the master's crit and spell penetration properties.
 Talent Specialization
 Redesigned razor barrier. The skills zynga poker chips for sale iphone  now will reduce the passive players to

injuries suffered.
 Bone Shield effect layers from layer 4 to layer 6.
 The outbreak of war elite that now allows reduced cooling time of 30 seconds.
 Summon Gargoyle Gargoyle summoned will only apply to remote attacks, regardless of the target's distance.
 The power of evil that now allows the force value increased by 25% instead of 20%.
 Bug fixes
 Now, activate the anti-magic shield, wither and die properly in force.
 Dancing Rune Weapon now able to correct the value of its initial threat transferred to its owner.
 The dark command will no longer trigger effects by melee attacks.
 Anger to get a new spell effect.
 Updated art effects of the hurricane.
 Swept (Cat Form) damage decreased from 415% weapon damage to 340% weapon damage.
 Now, bear form can be provided for all levels of Druid armor bonus of 120%, the abolition of the 40 role can

only get 65% bonus restrictions, so zynga poker chips for sale iphone  that low-level

Druids can tank better served in the underground city.
 The bear form stamina from 10% to 20%.
 Now, the cyclone and Entangling Roots should be may be subject to reduce spell pushback effect.
 Talent Specialization
 Now, the Druid of the enemy players zynga poker chips for sale iphone   will see the different fungi to

spread the magic effect.
 Treatment of wild growth reduced by 20%.
 Shred Glyph Glyph renamed the bleeding can not only tear skills, but also to extend the Mangle (Cat Form)

caused by the fragmentation effect of the duration.
 Glyph of Wild Growth now will also allow wild growth Cooldown increased to 2 seconds.
 Bug fixes
 In the deformed state, will not be able to re-cast groups resurrected.
 Switching map or talent specialization, the sun and the moon to strike a balance between value and energy

will be reset correctly.
 The behemoth of worrying that now allows the target by treatment effect was reduced by 25% instead of

 Talent Specialization
 Animal Handler now allows Increases attack power by 30% rather than 25%.
 Spider stinger that now allows the target by treatment effect was reduced by 25% instead of 10%.
 Submarine attacks can now be more than about 20% damage, and increase in the range of effect.
 Ice breath can now be more than about 20% damage, and the effect of the scope of an increase.
 Indiscriminate bombing now only affect the next multiple shooting.
 Now, by the death marked impact target will activate the "resistance is futile!" Effect.
 Explosive Shot damage by 15%.
 Bug fixes
 No escape no longer affect melee skills.
 In the case of rapid high to tame the beast casting bar will always show the correct casting time.
 The Pyroblast initial damage increased by about 26% sustained damage increased by about 100%.
 Fireball damage increased by about 17%.
 Talent Specialization
 Continuing Bomb damage increased by approximately 10% of explosion damage increased by about 120%.
 The burning continued damage can now accurately hit.
 Master of the monkey glyph and the Penguin Glyph can be deformed target random into these two forms

of a.
 Bug fixes
 Remove the living bomb and the mutual influence of the shock, I hope this can fix the living bomb

sometimes unable to spread to new target body.
 Living Bomb, Pyroblast and frost fire arrow is now correctly enlarge the effect of burning and burning

damage increased.
 Gladiator's Silk Handguards and Arcane Glyph to reduce the effects of the global cooldown correctly

 Sustained damage of Living Bomb can now be properly subject to the influence of the Molten Fury.
 When other temporary acceleration effect disappears, and will not remove the invisible Glyph.
 Unified the mana cost of the teleportation spell.
 Light shines an increase of 3.0 seconds cast time, no cooldown, but asked to select the players goal. Light

shines wrapped the goal of 10 yards immediately add to its surrounding

All the players within the recovery value of life, and within the next three seconds, the second for them to

continue to restore a small amount of the value of life.
 Trial spell is cast, the insight into Seal is no longer to restore 15% of base mana for paladins. Casting

Judgement spells, the Seal of insight can still cause harm, and close combat

The attacks are still able to offer its recovery of 4% of base mana.
 Trial spell is cast, the truth zynga poker chips for sale iphone  Seal get doubled contingent fine effect, each

layer effect from 10 percent to 20 percent.
 Talent Specialization
 Clear mission to reduce the cast time of Holy Light shines.
 Brilliant treatment (excellent) can also affect the Light shines.
 Infusion of Light, in addition to existing effects, but also in the Holy Shock crit, reducing the cast time of

Holy Light shines.
 Now, pure trial of the effect, in addition to improve rapidly, but also allows players to speed by 10/20/30% of

mana spirit replies, for 60 seconds.
 The number of targets affected by the light of dawn from 5 to 6 (effect).
 The moral model that now allows the cooldown of Divine Protection 15/30 seconds instead of 10/20

 Light shines no longer trigger the Speed ​​of Light. Light speed is no longer reduce the cooling time Light

shines. Now, only the Divine can trigger the Light speed.
 Light the tower in addition to existing effects, will be the Light shines bound to produce a layer of divine

 The glory of holy orders, Holy Shock, Flash of Light, Light Road marking effect triggered by the sacred light

of dawn light can pass 50% of the treatment effect, triggered by the Holy Light

Light Road marked effect can pass 100% of the treatment effect. But it can not pass the Light shines innocent

guardian, or other sources of treatment.
 Now, the critical strike chance of Hammer of Wrath Sanctified Retribution allows increased by 2/4/6%

instead of 20/40/60%.
 Handed weapon specialization (passive) allows 25% increase in damage rather than 20%.
 Dawn Light Glyph effect by affecting the target increased to six to affect the target was reduced to four, but

the treatment was increased by 25%.
 The number of targets affected by the sacred hymns from 3 to 5.
 Talent Specialization
 Now, salvation in the calculation of the sphere of influence, it will calculate the target engagement range of

the enemy, so that players can in the face of the larger creatures such as Ragnaros and Aura Kiel

The use of the skills.
 Divine Aegis has received a new spell effect.
 The spread of the Gospel and the dark gospel can not be superimposed.
 Re-create the Spirit of Redemption, to solve functional problems, and make the response faster. Spirit of

Redemption of the other properties remain unchanged.
 Redesigned calm and changed its name to the sounds of nature. The sounds of nature can make the sacred

hymns of the treatment effect of 50/100%, and its cooling time of 2.5 / 5 minutes.
 Guardian Spirit bonus healing from 40% to 60%.
 Word: quiet cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
 Glyph of Circle of Healing zynga poker chips for sale iphone   now also make the treatment of Central Mana

cost increased by 20%.
 Bug fixes
 Fixed error not learned the Light echo, some spells can still trigger the Light echo.
 Pastor get increased spell damage effects can now also affect Shadow M & M
 Word: static correctly faith trials crit increase has become.
 Injury creams can make the target by the treatment effect was reduced by 25% instead of 10%.
 Tricks of the Trade has added a new sound.
 Bug fixes
 Footed would never again break the effect of other skills, such as hammering.
 Flame weapons are no longer increases spell damage instead of weapons holders to improve the non-

physical damage by 5%.
 Lightning Bolt has a new spell effect.
 Wind shear the basis of the cooling time of 15 seconds from 6 seconds to adjust.
 Talent Specialization
 Call of Flame no longer extend the Fire Nova Flame Shock duration.
 Earth Shock damage is increased by about 75%.
 Elemental Fury is now available to remove the cooldown of Chain Lightning.
 The response now allows wind shear of the Cooldown reduced to 5/10 seconds instead of 0.5 / 1 seconds.
 Shamanism now allows Lightning Bolt, burst under the lava and Chain Lightning spell power by 36% rather

than 32%.
 Now, the element of fire may be subject to master 55% of spell power, instead of 50%.
 Strengthen Lava Lash now allows Lava Lash Flame Shock effect from the target body spread to the vicinity of

the four target body, but does not include control and

Subjected to the goal of the Effect of Flame Shock.
 Improved Lava Slam no longer Lava Lash base damage increased by 15/30%. This addition has been added

to the basis of Lava Lash skills in
 Redesign of mental agility. This skill no longer increases the shaman's spell changed the enhancement

shaman's spell power value equivalent to 55% of its attack strength. Increase

Shaman spells are no longer subject to any other spell power buffs impact.
 Completely absorbed by a melee attack can trigger Maelstrom Weapon.
 Now, the ancestors of treatment can also make the shaman treatment so that the maximum life of the

target value increased by an amount equal treatment 5/10% for 15 seconds. If more than

Restoration shaman presence at the same time, the effects do not stack, does not apply to the treatment of

trigger classes.
 Torrent cyclical treatment coefficient increased by 50%. Its initial direct treatment of the same.
 Bug fixes
 Treatment chain to skip to the shaman who, animation effects can be properly aired.
 The Shadowbolt obtained a new spell effect.
 Soul fire now calculate the 72.6% of spell power, instead of 62.5%.
 Now, the voidwalker of skills "Passion," the entry into force of a manner similar to the hunter pet talent

 Talent Specialization
 Bane now changed to increase the anger of the target skills, energy, focus on the value or runic power

consumption, rather than reduce their response rate.
 Now, the basis of the Master Demonologist bonus increased from 16% to 18.4%, a proficient in the addition

of points from 2% to 2.3%.
 Now, the fire of the soul can also activate the doomsday approaching.
 Fire and Brimstone now allows Incinerate and Chaos Bolt damage to the target of the sacrifice by 5/10/15%

instead of 2/4/6%.
 Burning embers can cause injury, the fire of the soul and the devil's Flame Arrow 25/50% instead of 15/30%.
 Improve the burning embers of the damage cap.
 Shadowburn will now cause Shadowflame damage instead of Shadow damage.
 To strengthen the fire of the soul of the duration from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
 Bug fixes
 Fixed Master Demonologist error significantly strengthen the Doomguard and Infernal error.
 Now, even if the target mobile players assault, assault (and skills) correctly away from its target. This change

can reduce the soldier assault

To the possibility of error region. .
 The punched use the new role of attack animation.
 The giant combat the use of the new role of attack animation.
 Now cast some replies anger skills, you can temporarily prevent the anger subsided.
 Talent Specialization
 Now, Mortal Strike will enable the target by the treatment effect was reduced by 25% instead of 10%.
 Dual Wield Specialization no longer an increase of 5% of physical damage, but continued to increase to 25%

of deputy attack damage.
 Now, violent attacks can target the treatment effect was reduced by 25% instead of 10%.
 Bug fixes
 Now, immediately after the break root effects the assault (and skills), these skills are also able to properly

take effect.
Dungeons & Raids
 Added a new underground city guide in the manual of the underground city: the end of the time of the Well

of Eternity, Twilight trial, and the Dragon Soul.
 Underground city to find players to join the underground city of the random hero will no longer be locked in

the copy. Before the player random dungeons function into a copy of

No longer queuing or manually through the portal into the underground city. Now, the player can be a

normal every day as a specific heroic dungeons, regardless of

Before completion of randomized dungeons.
 Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
 Ahn'Qiraj all the princes of the ruins will fall the excellent quality of the scarab key to the box can be used to

open a copy of the scarab tank. These keys belong and Ahn'Qiraj

The ruins of the binding region bound items, valid for 17 hours. This change also applies to a large open box

of large scarab scarab box key.
 Now, players only need to kill four of the initial underground city leader (high priests temperature Nuoxi Si

the the blood Mandokir, high priests, Kiel  zynga poker chips for sale iphone  Nala and praise Gill)

2, can challenge broken God by Kim.
 Now, players only need to kill four trolls zynga poker chips for sale iphone  embodiment of the two, you can

challenge the Hex Lord Mara Castro.
 The real name team composed of players from different servers can join the battleground queue.
 Now, tie in a random battlefield, and fighting the call of the battlefield, the awards honor value equivalent to

the value of the awards honor the lost battle.
 Isle of Conquest
 The siege tank steam shocks expand the scope of 50%.
 Warsong Gulch
 The players will be refreshed in the Union cemetery, directly facing the middle of a battlefield.
 Twin Peaks
 , Players can now tie the game in honor of the.
 The guild banners in the land of the flame, increasing the duration of 15 minutes, the extent of 100 yards,

and can affect the dead player.
 Wrath of the Dragon, Tai Lei Gou Sa send the soul of the rod: to reduce the chance to trigger the effect of

the items.
 The bloody rage of the Orc racial skill can now increase the spell, not just spell damage.
 Racial werewolf Night walked quickly design a new icon.
 The dwarf race specialty escape expert match the magic of animation and its effect.
User Interface
 Now, in addition to the world map, a small map can be displayed in related areas of archeology.
 Backpack search
 Added a new search field, and allows players to search for backpack, bank, guild bank and empty warehouse

in the particular item.
 To replace the inactive guild leaders
 Under certain conditions, to allow guild members to the impeachment of the guild leader is inactive.
 Updated and improved recast interface.
 Now, in addition to the world map, a small map can be displayed to the task of tracking regional and special

 Now, on a world map will display adaptation level for each region.
 The new "upgrade all" box. Tick ​​this project that all team members can be automatically promoted to team

assistant. Players can team interface and expand the team

Frame to find this option.
 A new world mark and units mark command.
 All display the user interface of the player models, rotate, zoom and pan the model function.
 Now, the player can be forgotten in the case do not forget the professional skills professional skills of

specialized (engineering and Alchemy).
 A new feature that allows players to use the left and NPCs in-game object (mailbox, mines, etc.) and body

interact, the same effect right. Players can

To turn off this feature on the interface: the control panel.
Bug fixes
 [China, South Korea, Taiwan] Paste the clipboard contents will not crash the client.
 Fixed prompt text to make it more precise.
 Now, using the macros # showtooltip can make the icon at the right time to highlight the action bar.
 Fixed switching map can sometimes lead to errors of the pet action bar disappears.
 The pet can now better keep up with players riding status.
 Reflected the spell is now affected by the resistance value of the final players to withstand injury.
 Master the process of return to the night elf community achieved a major breakthrough. Now, the night elf

mage can get all the racial bonus, especially in hard to find whereabouts.
 You can now correctly give goal was to break the Stealth or Invisibility plus the second negative state.

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