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  • Facebook Chips in stock - World Of Warcraft 4.3 patches online correction (2/24 Update)

This is the "World of Warcraft: the earth fission" 43 patch: "Twilight of the trial" amendment list. Line

correction is a correction of the error kaufen Facebook chips in our server-side

You do not need to download the new patch. Listed below most of the online correction is effective

immediately, but some may need to reboot your serverkaufen Facebook poker chips  will be born

Effect. Please note that online correction is not a panacea, and sometimes we still need to publish client

patch to fix some problems. Future if new kaufen Zynga Chips online correction

We will continue to update this list.


Updated on February 24

 Upon completion of the role of racial change service will not remove your current task.
 Multiple hunters attack the samekaufen Zynga Poker Chips target now correctly see the effect of toxic

 Dungeons & Raids copies
 All the Finder team players to join the team as with tanks will be automatically marked as assistant head of.
 The land of the flame
 Lava dominate the lava attack will hurt to the players within the kaufen FB Chips range of visual effects.
 Las Mubarak, the heart of the pernicious influence of the corrosive effects of the explosion when used in

conjunction with the Fire Nova skills will no longer be hurt very far from the monster.
 Cold Gladiator active boots, cruel cold Gladiator boots stamina by 25 points.
 Disaster Gladiator accurate Armwraps and catastrophe Gladiator active Armwraps stamina 22:00.
 Disaster Gladiator precise belt, cruel disaster Gladiator belt, active disaster Gladiator Boots, disaster Gladiator

cruel boots kaufen FB poker Chips endurance bonus increased

 Tasks and monsters
 The players can no longer CheapFacebook chips be received, "answered the call to task.

Updated on February 8

 Dungeons & Raids copies
 Dragon Soul
 The ultimate leader has been eliminated, the crimson life tied oath resurrection Wyrmrest Temple in the

NPC, and the resurrection of Cheap Facebook poker chips the NPC will be able to provide a complete service.

 The pre-event of  need to kill the young dragonCheap Zynga Chips number reduced from 24 to 15.
 Valentine's Day
 The item column at the same time have the the Darkmoon Adventure Guide "and" lovely Valentine's

character toolbox ", and the ongoing task of Cheap Zynga Poker Chips the" strength test "Players can now

correctly received

Too cute Valentine's character. "
 Players now have the opportunity to access to the lovely Valentine's character "and" terrorist booty from the

same Cheap FB Chips enemies.
 Chinese New Year
 Morning Walker refresh position of the elderly is now farther away from the flames peak of the monster.
 "Throat" of the dragon lords effects can now be the Word of surgery: to woo the treatment trigger.
 The effects of the "heart" of Cheap FB poker Chips the Wind is now correctly triggered by Healing Rain.

Updated on January 10

Kill any leader of the random heroic dungeons will reward guild experience and Facebook chips for sale guild

reputation in the guild ranks.

Monster to kill the Shadow M & M hurt now can gain experience.

In the use of "coalition - the tribes," the role of conversion services, the Darkmoon tank Darkmoon airship will

not again become Facebook poker chips for sale tribal balloon.

 Dungeons & Raids copies
Twilight trial

Archbishop Ben Kennedy Tasman

After the repair, the Saar and the Archbishop Benedict Tasman should not each other again dry staring not

acting. (This issue will lead to players unable to complete the associate


Well of Eternity


Mannoroth chief war began will not automatically remove the stealth effect.

Dragon Soul

Twilight beheaded by elite and the elite of the Twilight evil blade will not mount on melee attacks. Once they

landed on the deck will always Zynga Chips for sale find players and melee attack



After the battle, all the bleak light of adverse effects and the Dragon King, Crystal will be cleared.

Crazy Deathwing

The players leave the area, the adverse effects of corrosion parasites will be removed.

Darkmoon Faire

The captured diary and the enemy's emblem task every month to complete one.

Trigger damage of Shadow bottle now enjoy the hunter's ranged attack power bonus.

Seal, the truth of the Paladin will not make drain soul and Hargeisa Mubarak to deep sound effects triggered


Wei Shaka, the jaw of the earth caused by the additional injury "anger of the language" is now regarded as

remote injury, and can enjoy the Zynga Poker Chips for sale addition of remote crit property.

 Mandate of NPC
When the players to complete the task "all right" after  Huaitemuen will not fall into the unresponsive FB

Chips for sale state.


Updated on December 24

 Dungeons & Raids
 Dragon Soul
 Mo Zhuoke
Mo Zhuoke often go to the fitness center is now moving faster at all stages, and no was kite.

The players can not by "gift Spiritwalker the" skills to FB poker Chips for sale circumvent the adverse effects

of water trenches.

Now, when a player by the "dim light", this effect FB poker Chips for sale should always be displayed in the

team frame.


Updated on December 21

 The algae fin rock fish in groups no longer swimming, deep-sea rat tail fish will be replaced, they refresh in

many coast.
 When near the player by Serpent Sting affected, with the venom infection talent plus multiple shooting will

be able to Serpent Sting spread to other objectives within the scope of


 The truth of the Horde Paladin trial should be able to properly trigger the trigger effect on the equipment

and kaufen Facebook poker chips goods.
 Dungeons & Raids
 Hurley Alex Sunder sticky bomb will no longer break stealth.
 Vatican Vanessa Van Cleef, "the firm Van Cleef Avenger achievements will no longer break stealth.
 Rotating the top of the cloud
 Air priests
 Under the normal difficulty, Lightning Nova repel effect from 12 yards reduced to 8 yds; in heroic difficulty

from 18 yards reduced kaufen Facebook poker chips to 12 yards.
 Well of Eternity
 Cerberus, the Doomguard to destroy and Felguard's attack can not crit.
 Armani messenger of war damage reduced by 12%.
 Armani, MD, calls Armani defensive enchantment health reduced by 60%.
 When when Armani scouts discovered the enemy, he will first trance one second, then ran to summon

 The Armani reinforcements damage reduced by 15%.
 Reduces damage caused by the the Armani flames Master Lianzhu fireball.
 Jiaya Lai's Flame Breath skill caused by sustained fire damage reduced.
 In the form of the Dragonhawk, Da Kala flames whirlwind spell on the target, causing the flame easily hurt

the lower values.
 Da Kala paralysis spread to reduce the damage.
 Violent Rolling Stones rolling boulder caused damage reduced.
 Blood Mandokir beheaded cooldown time increased by 5 seconds.
 Gurubashi Shadow Hunter is now immune to disarm.
 The Gurubashi Shadow Hunter Shadow bomb skills caused by damage reduced.
 Gurubashi Blood Drinker the vampire surgery the damage reduced.
 The the Shadowflame skills of low-level Beise Ke pastor caused by the periodic damage reduced.
 Reduces damage caused by the high priests of Kiel Nora's painful wave.
 Kim distort the soul of the value of life is reduced.
 Reduce Kim distort the soul of the damage.
 Kim haka Shadow of the kaufen Zynga Poker Chips damage reduced.
 Dragon Soul
 Mo Zhuoke
 Double trampling damage should only affect the distance Mo Zhuoke the last two players.
 The ice heavy rain boot in Huglar prior to the completion of the Ice tide will not appear.
 Ice Block and Divine Shield spell of such immune mechanisms should now be able to temporarily immune

water trench caused by injury, but it does not remove the adverse effects of water trenches.
 The Tomb of Huglar the ice can not whole regiment into the kaufen Facebook poker chips smoke bomb to

 Do not sleep the Yue Saxi
 Yue Saxi cause three times melee damage, players control the pet and his void arrow will take a player's pet.
 Druid T12 Set the flame flower effect caused by the treatment is not caused by the depth of corrosion.
 The difficulty of the 25 heroes, the Yue Saxi the value of life and injury to reduce by nearly 10 percent, it is

closer to the difficulty the hero version Cheap Facebook poker chips of the 10 people.
 The spine of the Deathwing
 This leader of the war began, all players will get a "safe landing" halo effect. So that even if the player's

parachute prematurely disappeared, that does not make the play

Home falls.
 Now fallen lava control skills (including silence effect) causing an explosion effect properly.
 Crazy Deathwing
 Deathwing Shi Zhanyuan quality meteor at the same time, if a limb tentacles are destroyed, no longer causes

the wings of death fired two source Facebook poker chips for sale quality meteor.

 The copper Dragonflight clock is now more than an additional red slot location.

 Kill Deathwing in the team Finder team player, will not be able to get the severing of the task required the

lower jaw fragments of the wings of death. "
 When the players have enough engineering skill points, Graham Van Tallon will be able to correctly dwarf

and goblin engineering route.
 the · Huaitemuen Now that the "Ole Deere pharmaceutical" the more the better, when multiple players to

the delivery of pharmaceutical, he would have readily accepted.
 Players can now complete the "Trial of the Facebook poker chips for sale Naaru: kindness task, to save

people time limit of 55 minutes.

Updated on December 13

 Now, the additional raid Glyph raid skills should be able to correct to the additional bleed effect on the

target within the extra range.
 Groups of the Druid T13 suit regen teammates to restore the value of life reduced violent reply from Druid

treatment the amount of skill Facebook poker chips for sale by 50% to 25%.

We will in the next patch to update the message of the suit.
 Light shines correctly and other Paladin Light Cape photographic overlay. Near the effective target can be

 The Bladestorm activated the moment, there are flying skills to the caster, spell immune effects of these skills

will be able to correctly Bladestorm Facebook poker chips for sale immune.

 Dungeons & Raids copies

 Twilight trial

 Archbishop Ben Kennedy Tasman

 When the channel leading to the Archbishop of this Kennedy Tasman clean up after, Sal no longer disappear

because no Cheap Zynga Poker Chips players around.

 Aeolus Throne

 Aura Kiel

 Gust impact no longer will be the player to beat back too far.

 Dragon Soul
 Mo Zhuoke
 The soldiers of the earth, the ancient water lords earth destroyer to move faster.
 Mo Zhuoke the resonance crystal recent players are always able to lock the target in the explosion.
 Do not sleep the Yue Saxi
 The difficulty of the 25 heroes, the Faceless Cheap Zynga Poker Chips forgotten, the group version of the

void arrow, the hot blood of the damage is reduced the

 25 Heroic Difficulty Yuesa Xi's health reduced by 10%.

 Tied to the wind by Huglar
 Players can now no longer thrown through the fragmentation of skills to break the Huglar of Frost Shield to

skip the ice rainstorm stage.

 Warlord Zuonuo Zi
 In heroic difficulty, the duration of the interference of the shadow of lower Mage Armor no longer trigger

group damage and Cheap Zynga Poker Chips knockback.

 War Master Noire
 Sasser's stun effect now be the lifting of the lifting of the coma of jewelry or the rest of the similar effect.

The difficulty of the team Finder Noire revenge instead of every loss of 2% life and 1% increase in damage.

Beat war Masters Noire is in heroic difficulty, on the deck of the flame will disappear.

War Master Noire, Slayer elite Cheap Zynga Poker Chips Twilight, Twilight the evil blade elite players will not

be able to mount attacks.

 The spine of the Deathwing
 "Blood corrosion: Earth" was dispersed will not mutate into the blood of corrosion: death. "
 The difficulty of the 25 heroes, "the blood of corrosion: the end of the earth" effect will give players

additional two-story "of Naisa Rio's blood".
 25 ordinary difficulty and heroic difficulty, armor plate connection beam, fallen lava, corrosion, and ugly

strange fusion of the value of life reduced by 6-11%.
 Wings has a "very hot" gain "ugly fusion strange that death is thrown backward from his back, will not lead

to a periodic group damage effects.
 Crazy Deathwing
 In the team finder difficulty, the source mass explosion fallen lava, hot caused the damage has been

 If all players Deathwing was Cheap Zynga Poker Chips defeated after the death of this leader of the war is

still counted as completed.
 The airship will not Darkmoon  then use Facebook poker chips for sale the "Alliance -> Horde" role

transformation services into tribal balloon.

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