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  • Facebook Chips in stock - The new World of Warcraft resurrection scroll the upcoming on-line March 20, 2012!

The system includes a new mount, free game time, the figure increased to 80 (Level-up is only effective in the

promotion period, activities closing date please refer to the official website of the message), as well as many other

benefits. In order to answer the questions kaufen Facebook chips  of players, we deliberately produced a detailed

graphic guidelines. In addition, recruit comrades back to Azeroth, here are ten things you must know:


Who meet the qualifications of the new resurrection scroll?
Sender: "World of Warcraft all paying subscribers can send resurrection scroll invited.
      Recipient: must be created prior to February 15, 2012 "World of Warcraft" official account (paid account) and

not Feng Ting, and the kaufen Facebook poker chips account must be in the February 15, 2012 0 (GMT) does not

login the game record.


(2) how to send a kaufen Zynga Chips resurrection scroll?
There are two ways:
Sent by the war net: Please enter the account management page, select the correct Warcraft account,

click on the "resurrection scroll" option in the "friends to invite and reward. You need to enter the friend's name, e

-mail (or role name, the server) and the message to complete the invitation.
Within the game: in the game to open your social panel (default hotkey: O) Click resurrection scroll button. Window,

you can enter the e-mail inviting friends. This window also provides the message function, and let your friends know

that you invite them back kaufen Zynga Poker Chips for the game.

3 resurrection scroll invitation is kaufen FB Chips sent, the effective period for how long? Sent the upper limit?
Your friend has 30 days to accept the invitation, if not within the time limit to use the resurrection scroll, this

invitation will expire. World of Warcraft account in the surface or within the game of war pages a day can be sent to

resurrection scroll invited at once. In other words, every World of Warcraft account through the web surface and the

game of war on a daily basis up to send two invitation. Is no upper limit by the war web surface or within the game

to send the invitation kaufen FB poker Chips of the number of each account.

Send resurrection scroll  Cheap Facebook chips invitation what reward? What do I need to receive the award?
When your friend accepts the invitation of the resurrection scroll recharge at least 40 minutes of game time and

game time to fully exhaust you can have a cool horse as a reward - the specter of Yu Feng who (tribal dedicated) or

the specter of the lion eagle (Alliance only).
A successful resurrection need to be invited players will be 1800 minutes of free game time (7 days), all the

remaining game time and recharge Cheap Facebook poker chips the account before 4000 minutes to exhaust the


Friend consume, how to Cheap Zynga Chips exchange the horse do?
Please log in to account management page, select the World of Warcraft account to send invitations, and

then click the "resurrection scroll" option in the "friends to invite and reward. In the "history" tab, click to receive the

mount "button to redeem the horse. Please select the server and the role you want to receive the horse, the horse

will be sent to the mailbox in Cheap Zynga Poker Chips the game.
Note: After the success of each resurrection scroll Cheap Facebook chips invitation only choose a role exchange


6. Accept the resurrection Cheap Zynga Chips scrolls are invited to reward it?
Resurrection scrolls March 20 Cheap Zynga Poker Chips start, and ten things you must know

Resurrection scroll invitees Facebook poker chips for sale can immediately upgrade of a character to 80, one free

transfer service to transfer camp, and 7 days 1800 minutes free game Facebook poker chips for sale time!
Note: The role of upgrade incentive is limited to the resurrection scroll on-line promotional activities during activities

please refer to the official website message deadline. If the player after the promotional activities, accept the

resurrection scroll invitation will be given seven days of 1800 minutes of free play time, and one free transfer service

to transfer camp, but the role of an Zynga Poker Chips for sale upgrade award.

What is successful to FB Chips for sale accept the resurrection invited? I'm afraid to log on the game ineligible.
Accept the resurrection scroll invitations, you need to confirm in to accept the invitation until the page

prompt "success that you have to return to Azeroth and can begin immediately following award in the e-mail.

(Please refer FB poker Chips for sale to here)

8 players to accept the resurrection scroll how to enhance the level to 80, the role of what would be?
When a player accepts the invitation of the resurrection scroll, the invitees can choose a character to immediately

upgrade to 80. The role is to upgrade to 80 players can pre-select the talent specialization role. The role will appear

in the main city in the camp and the game immediately. The role will include all of the profession 80 skills and spells,

450 emergency levels, flying mounts, flight speed riding and a set of green quality equipment in line with the level

and talent.
Any role before upgrading the equipment will be sent to the in-game mailbox.
Hunter pets will not be given talent, upgraded FB poker Chips for sale hunter must first log into the game, set their

own pet talent.

Free to serve the turn camp what restrictions? I can go to any server or I want to go camp? Role to other account?
To serve the camp conversion is not arbitrary. If the invitees selected to upgrade the role of the role and send an

invitation in a different server or camp, was invited to the role will be able to convert the free role transfer and / or

free camp moved to the inviter's server zynga poker chips for sale iphone  and camp. The free service is limited to

serve in the role of camp conversion is not the role of separation.
Note: The resurrection scroll system still need to comply with existing camp conversion and server transfer limits. The

camp conversion and the role of server transfer of more detailed information, please refer to the Frequently Asked

zynga poker chips for sale iphone  Questions.

10 resurrection scrolls and Recruit zynga poker chips for sale iphone  at the same time?
Can. If the role of account will be recruited directly through the resurrection scroll reward rose to 80, but also of the

role's role in the recruitment of zynga poker chips for sale iphone  account 39 Level

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