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  • Facebook Chips in stock - The new Association services are now on-line

We are very pleased to tell you that three new guild for the guild leader is now on-line. These new services

(including the Society to serve the Association kaufen Facebook chips camp conversion, and the Association

changed its name) will kaufen Facebook chips enable the Association to serve, transfer camp, as well as

change the name is more convenient compared kaufen Facebook chips  with the past.

On-line with the new Association, the Association kaufen Facebook poker chips President will be able to

serve their own guild or kaufen Facebook poker chips transferred to the camp at the same time, maintaining

the original framework of the Association, including kaufen Facebook poker chips the guild leader, guild

bank and guild name (the Society may be needed depending on the target server).

Please note that these new Association can only be initiated by the kaufen Zynga Chips President. The same

time, the role of the kaufen Zynga Chips game must meet certain requirements (specific requirements, see

this announcement the following kaufen Zynga Chips"Frequently Asked Questions and Answers").

In addition, the Association to serve or transferred to the camp kaufen Zynga Poker Chips at the same time,

if the member of the kaufen FB Chips Association wish to follow the Association together to serve or

transferred to the camp, is an associate kaufen FB poker Chips member must be an additional fee for their

own game character to separate the role Cheap Facebook chips  of transfer.

Association to serve or transferred to the camp successful, follow the Association to serve / turn the role of

camp game will automatically become a member of the Association after the first login the game, at the

same time, the level and prestige of the role the guild will also be remain unchanged.

If you are new to the on-line Association services are interested in, please be sure before you start using

these services, carefully read the following Frequently Asked Questions ", and visit our Association page (the

Society to serve the Association camp conversion, the Society Cheap Facebook poker chips  changed its

name), for more information.


"World of Warcraft guild Service Frequently Cheap Zynga Chips Asked Questions and Answers

Q. World of Warcraft, "which paid services for the Cheap Zynga Poker Chips  Association?
A. Currently our open three guild Services: Association to serve the Association transferred camp, Association

changed its name. These services can only be opened by the Cheap FB Chips  president to.

Q. cost of these services for?
A. used separately for each service, the Association transferred the camp will need to spend 180-point battle

outlets, the Association to serve the need to spend the 150-point battle outlets, the Society changed its name

will need to spend 120-point battle outlets. If you use the guild turn the camp and the Society to serve will be

30 points battle network the number of concessions to the price of a total of 300 points battle network

number of the above two services, and can get a free Association changed its name to the opportunity. Once

the use of all guild services will not be returned consumed Cheap FB poker Chips  by war the number of


Q. In addition to must be the president of the outside, the use of Association services, what other conditions?
A. The Association President must comply with the requirements of the role of service that corresponds with

the choice of the Society's services (for example, the role of transfer), including the role of the President of

the Institute level needed to achieve at least 10 (except for the Association changed its name), and not in the

closure stop state. Refer to the role of the transfer common problems and camp Conversion Frequently

Asked Questions for more  Facebook chips for sale information.

In addition, the president of the account need to have the protection order by the security token or

mobile phone security and the security token or mobile phone security order must be enabled at least seven

days (from the first use of security so that the log in the game when the count) allows the use of Association

services. If your character have other security measures, the system will be validated when you use the

Association of Facebook poker chips for sale  Service.

Q. Association Services Association itself has any special requirements?
A. Association must reach more than 2 to use the Association to serve the Association transfer camp services.

The Association changed its name no rating Zynga Chips for sale requirements.

Q. These two guild server How does it work?
A. When the Association to serve or Association transfer camp, only the president's role will be transferred to

the target server / camp, together with the role of president with the same time transfer of the entire guild

architecture, including the Association of banks, rating, benefits and achievements .

Q. my guild members how to do?
A. Your guild members will remain in the original guild. The original Association will be reset to a guild, guild

bank, guild achievements and experience will be cleared. You want to select a new president in the guild list

to fill your position. Your membership through their own role (such as the role of the transfer) to choose

whether to follow you to the new server / camp. If you choose to follow the Association to transfer, they will

automatically re-join your guild and retain the original Zynga Poker Chips for sale prestige of the Association.

Choose to transfer to the new premises of the Association members do not need to withdraw from the

former Association - otherwise, it will lose the FB Chips for sale original prestige of the Association.

Q: the guild bank, guild level these things what would happen?
A: The Guild Bank Guild, the Association of welfare and guild achievements will be with the president of the

transfer to the FB poker Chips for sale new server / camp.

Q: the prestige of the guild members will be retained in the follow Association transfer?
A: the role of president after the transfer, retain the original's reputation, while the remaining members

decided to serve, together with the Association after they came to the Association of the new site will also

retain the original of the Society's reputation. The following two exceptions: a member of the Association

before the president of the transfer to transfer the role. (2) members of the Association to the Association

prior to the new site out of Zynga Poker Chips for sale the original guild.

Q: Besides, what other things do not follow the president of the transfer it?
A. In addition to the members of your union, only not as you transfer your guild level architecture, you need

to reassign the Association level after the completion of the transfer. (For example: president, vice presidents,

government officials, the main members, such Zynga Chips for sale  a structure need to re-set)

Q. My guild members know how to follow me to move to new premises, and whether they will be notified

when I Association Facebook poker chips for sale  transfer?
A. When any of the Association of services is completed, the members of your guild will receive an e-mail in

the game, details on how to follow your transfer. This message will bring to the battle network management

page, to enable their own role of service, these services are charged separately. The entire process will be a

linear set, the destination server and / or purpose Cheap FB poker Chips of the camp will be pre-set.

Q. Association to serve the Association to turn the camp outside the game notice?
A. No, they will only receive mail notification Cheap Zynga Poker Chips  in the game.

Q. The players follow the president to the new server / camp there a time limit?
To follow the president moved to the new site there is no time limit, the premise is a member of the

Association can not be completed in the Association to serve or transferred to the camp to leave current

guild. If a member of the Association withdrew from the Association after the Association moved to new

premises or to join a new guild members in the original Cheap Facebook chips guild reputation will be empty

in 30 days.

Q. Guild members to follow the president to move to a new site, we need to meet the conditions?
A. Member of the Association must comply with the basic requirements of the role service (role of the

transfer or camp conversion), including the character level 10 at least, account for the official pay account,

and has not yet been Fengting kaufen FB Chips For more information, please refer to the role of the transfer

FAQ Conversion FAQ and camp

Q. Association services require much time to carry out?
A. In normal conditions, each of the Association of services needs two hours to complete, but sometimes take

several days.

Q. Association to serve the camp conversion or the Association changed its name to the existence of the

cooling time?
A. Related services of the Association kaufen Zynga Poker Chips of the cooling time of 30 days. Between the

cooling time does not kaufen Zynga Poker Chips overlap each other.

Q. If my guild transferred to a new server, the name of the Association has been occupied what will happen?
A. If your guild name in the destination server is occupied, you will be in the council, to serve the process

receive a prompt that allows you to select a new guild name in the Web kaufen FB poker Chips site of the


Q. Association transferred the camp, I can re-customize the my role?
A. Yes, the Society transferred camp kaufen Zynga Poker Chips server contains all the role of customized


Q. Can I transfer my guild! How do I start the Association Zynga Poker Chips for sale to serve and the

Association to turn the camp  Zynga Poker Chips for sale services?
A. Association service is enabled, you can follow the steps shown below to FB poker Chips for sale use the

Association of Service:

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