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  • Facebook Chips in stock - The last military governor to teach you how to become a warrior master

Some time ago to see a specially written Master how to become a master of the article, I specifically for the warrior kaufen Facebook chips to speak.
   I 60 ashes of players, arena master title, Warlord title (60), the PVP video (CTR 200 000 +) on the line is almost a thing - PVP. After 85 busy career, not as kaufen Facebook poker chips much game time.
    Disclaimer: If you feel that I have qualified to speak in this, please kaufen Zynga Chips read on.
    Ado, directly into the kaufen Zynga Poker Chips theme:

First, the conditions of articles:
    You should have a race of large-scale PVP battlefield frames less than 30 card screen computer, and the best 22-inch monitor kaufen FB Chips screen. (Saliva)
    (2) at least a 2M personal exclusive broadband lines (Telecom or Netcom).
    At least edit the PVP macro for more than 25, full keyboard, including the hotkey of your horse.
    At least a like Bigfoot, Box built-in voice plug-ins and other kaufen FB poker Chips timing plug-in.

Second, the entry papers
    One of each player PVP journey from the duel. Please open your accomplishments plate to find your duel statistics on lost won how many times to calculate the winning percentage. In my opinion, flags, JJC, battlefield three PVP way a person's consciousness and play are not the same. Flags duel is definitely a good way of practicing basic skills let you know a good way of opponents skills. A qualified soldier, he should insert the flag of at least 20,000 times, winning 62%. Do not underestimate the data, few people really can do. Often complain that there is no standard by soldiers weak are more than basic skills. Duel object to find the best mages and hunters, the treatment of these three Cheap Facebook chips occupations, you will benefit.
    (2) to enter the battlefield, this one focusing on the real test of your consciousness. Old point of view, the role of PVP warrior is focusing on the output. This idea has long been OUT. When other people, a fear, an interrupt the upgrade of the entire team is huge. Also generally less mature soldiers like to die chasing a person, the other side onto the enemy's field then has been directly taken away - the tragedy. Soldiers really need to do is to lead your team behind the advance of a Cheap Facebook poker chips step by step, do this step afraid not honor kill?
    The team put it bluntly, is a basic synthesis of + awareness. JJC this map, these will be reflected. First of all, you have to understand that any combination of the JJC's, but it is the fault tolerance of different sizes only. Any combination of play skills with the play stations. Certain hostile players not to care about how much blood should set the fire, but should go to care about a certain enemy players from his team should set fire to enter the Cheap Zynga Chips scope of your attack!

Third, the progressive articles
   In the fighting as a team, your priority goal should be to the SS MS SM is fairly short-legged career.
   In the fighting as a team, encountered LR Please direct disarm, and then immediately turn the other goals set fire.
   In the fighting as a team, encounter FS try to Cheap Zynga Poker Chips avoid, he'll hold you a lot of output.
   Never duel of the output routine use on the battlefield arena, to learn to act according to circumstances.
   5 to 60 percent of the amount of blood you should be quickly observed in the end how many people are in the output, which then select the shield Cheap FB Chips wall or aid care, after the jump retreat.
   7 even in the face of the priest-like short-legged career, and do not mean your strong off!
   Big skills not 8.CD to the critical time before use, but to the Even to the cooling time will be able to use.
   The vast majority of cases of a large windmill is not used to output, but used to solve control. If you want to output, with Cheap FB poker Chips the sweeping blow!
   10 team melee like him to switch targets, because a lot of time each other goal of treatment is that you - your Facebook chips for sale goals.
   11 attack hostile treatment directly on infinite rage mad output, such as seen after the half blood shield directly knock down Facebook poker chips for sale directly reckless.
   12 still rely grasp the timing of output thieves, not killed, Meng after he disappeared, while cool to go.
   13 encounter, the encounter target, please do not dismount close to call, do not waste a charge ability.
   14 2 melee stick to, please do not Zynga Chips for sale forget Retaliation this skill.
   15. Anti-good shield, even if you stick to the legal systems, and do not forget him.
   16 with the aid care goals target macro, you will feel Zynga Poker Chips for sale full mobility of 70-80 soldiers.
   17. Warfare brutally interrupted 1:00 talent change to the tactical grasp to go, would be better.
   18 For the weapons of war, any PVE single are not as good PVP single piece of equipment.
   19 open the enemy health bar, open the small map to fight.
   20 master click fast rhythm, do not FB Chips for sale need a crazy point.

, The master

   Always believe that a successful master of the back must have a lot of the success of his teammates. If a 3000 level of players he pulled a tomorrow without a pass team, he does not change many things. World of Warcraft has gone more than seven years, has never been a warrior to play to speed defines the winner of the realm, including the world's top ten Ares. I am not called you should go Chiruan Fan, but want you to recognize the importance of the team, training the importance of a team. A team and discord, there is not potential, and stabilize the instability is that you should go looking for. In fact, playing WOW so many years, a lot of things we should be bearish point. PVP, in essence, athletic, good equipment instead of brushing graduated, you can run out to enjoy under others envious eyes, or the flags to win back to the others arrogant. This is very impolite. When you own throws to get the trust of his teammates, and then each other running, you  FB poker Chips for sale will become a true master ...

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