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  • Facebook Chips in stock - The Zynga appointed former Yahoo vice president for the first female director

July 20 message, according to foreign media reports, the world's largest operators of social gaming site Zynga appointment of former Yahoo senior vice president, Ellen (Ellen Siminoff), sago Ivanov served as the first female directors, thus changing the color male history of the Board of Directors .

Simi Ivanov, 44, 1996-2002, held various management positions in Yahoo. San Francisco-based Zynga, announced in a statement on Thursday, she joined the board of directors consisting of eight men. Simi Ivanov is currently the Education and start-up companies, CEO of Shmoop University, the company is a company created by her husband in 2007.

Zynga appointment of women as directors of the board of directors is not new technology companies such as Facebook and Yahoo had to have a similar approach, which is mainly in the corporate governance structure is to avoid excessive masculine shortcomings. Facebook last month appointed Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Seoul · Sandburg (Sheryl Sandberg) for its first female director of Yahoo this week the appointment of Marissa Meyer (Marissa Mayer) is the CEO and Company Board of Directors.

Simi Ivanov also served as director of the board of directors of several companies, these companies are the Journal Communications, the Mozilla Corp., Solarwinds and U.S. Auto Parts Network. Prior to joining Shmoop University, sago Ivanov served as a search engine marketing firm Efficient Frontier CEO, the search engine marketing company that was later acquired software developer Adobe Systems. The sago Ivanov served as Yahoo's senior vice president, responsible for Yahoo's entertainment division and many other businesses. She said she once worked on Yahoo's early online games site Yahoo Games, this experience could become the basis for her role of Zynga board.

The Zynga composition Cheap Zynga Chips  of the board of directors founder and CEO Mark Pincus Mark Pincus, chief operating officer John Charles Porter (John Schappert), Germany Huffman (Reid Hoffman), a venture capital investment at home and Bin Gao Gordon (Bing Gordon), and DreamWorks Animation production company (DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.) The Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Katzenberg Jeffrey Katzenberg, Number  Cheap Zynga Chips  of companies worldwide, the composition of the board of directors in the same color male very small. Catalyst is headquartered in New York is a non-profit agencies, the agency role of women in enterprise Cheap Zynga Chips  development. According to Catalyst, "Fortune 500" company board of directors is the color of only 11.3% of the proportion of male company.

New York Stock Exchange on Cheap Zynga Chips  Thursday, Zynga, shares closed at $ 4.56, down 1.2% intraday. The company's shares has been listed since December last year, its price has fallen more than 50%.

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