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  • Facebook Chips in stock - The Forsaken

The Forsaken
Lich King launch injure the people in Lordaeron during kaufen Facebook chips the war, many human beings to escape death. However, the Kingdom of the deceased has been transformed into the undead, Scourge minions were forced to destroy precious they once kaufen Facebook poker chips had ... killed all ...
When the Lich King weakened control of his huge army of the Third War, the souls of a small team get rid of Jagged rule of their masters. While this freedom is starting kaufen Zynga Chips to look a blessing, but soon after, the souls of past human, but, as the memories of blind Scourge kaufen Zynga Poker Chips minions torture, it is unspeakable fear. Those who are not insane souls they found a fact: the people of Azeroth wants to destroy them.

In their darkest moments, Quel'Thalas was Ranger General kaufen FB Chips Sylvanas Windrunner, the souls of those who fled assembled together. Sylvanas was defeated during the kaufen FB poker Chips attacks on her kingdom and become a powerful Scourge banshee, she escaped from the Lich King regained his freedom. Under the leadership of their new queen, this is referred to as the Cheap Facebook chips forgotten independent team of the souls of the Undercity in Lordaeron ruins below. Forgotten fear Sylvanas, others cherish her to give security to the rest of the people by the Banshee Queen Cheap Facebook poker chips to destroy the Lich King's strong desire to find they cursed body, the existence of the purpose .

Forsaken and the Scourge have no dealings with, they are still subjected to a threat to humanity who are committed to clear the forgotten. As to reach their own purposes and a way to protect her country in its infancy, Sylvanas sent envoys to the various camps to find Cheap Zynga Chips allies. Living in the good-hearted tauren of Thunder Bluff and most want to be their ally. In particular, the big Drew Iha Muir Rune the totem see the possibility of salvation Sylvanas, even if he is fully aware of Cheap Zynga Poker Chips the dangerous nature of the forgotten. Thus, while the Tauren this there are worries, he persuaded the chiefs Saar to be forgotten with the tribal alliance to facilitate. Forgotten final Cheap FB Chips defeat against the Lich King greatly increased, and the tribes to be a place in the Eastern Kingdoms.

In the end, forgotten to assist tribes launched a huge offensive to their hatred of the enemies of revenge on the power base of the Lich King in Northrend. However, the victory is not easy. Launched during the invasion, pharmacists Pood Gonzalez to release a new plague, regardless of friend and foe lethal plague attacks, fear of the devil with mutiny Varimathras coup occupation of the Undercity, Sylvanas Sylvanas was almost killed. The usurper was killed because of their despicable behavior, and been forgotten by the city back to life, but the disaster to doubt Sylvanas loyalty between tribes.

Now, not only Sylvanas Alliance does not trust her, she also realized Cheap FB poker Chips  that many other residents of Azeroth, even after they defeat the Lich King and her people as a threat. As their members daily diminishing forgotten began to consolidate their property in the dark Facebook chips for sale around the city, efforts to prove their loyalty to the tribe, and prepare for any future attacks.
Place of Birth: the Tirisfal once the center of Lordaeron and Tirisfal is Facebook poker chips for sale a beautiful place of rolling hills and golden pastures. The fall of the human kingdom in the Scourge, this verdant land into Zynga Chips for sale a barren piece of land that a potentially dangerous, almost impossible to maintain a residual survival of life.

Over the years, this land became Queen Sylvanas and her forgotten by the Scarlet Crusade remnants of their homes destroyed. These enthusiasts, determined not to consider the Union, to clear all the souls of Azeroth, they have been forgotten by next to a prick. Recently, Argent Dawn, Sylvanas people to help to resist the constant harassment of the Crusader East Tirisfal. In addition, the forgotten to the stronghold of their enemies - Scarlet Monastery, a new march, and efforts to protect their homeland from external threats.
Home City: Undercity during the Third War, the once glorious capital of the Lordaeron City, under the command of Prince Arthas Menethil, the Scourge destroyed. Souls to continue the war to destroy the creatures of the entire continent, only a small contingent of Alsace Zynga Poker Chips for sale troops to stay in the destruction of the city below to open up a new "Undercity". However, when FB Chips for sale Alsace in order to protect his master, the Lich King to Northrend, these plans were abandoned.

Many years later, Queen Sylvanas and her the souls of those who fled, they were known as the Forsaken, claiming that Undercity is their territory and completed the Scourge is not finished building the winding catacombs and basements network engineering. Undercity addition to FB poker Chips for sale temporarily infidelity forgotten pharmacists Pood Gonzalez and fear of the devil Varimathras occupied, and later has been in firm control of Sylvanas. Now, the river of toxic sludge flowing over all the streets of the great Undercity. Toxic gases and foul-smelling odor permeates every corner of the fortress, so that it becomes the other members of a tribe almost intolerable. However, this world is still fear and hunting Sylvanas, Undercity has become a much-needed refuge for the one she and her cursed followers in the world.
Racial Mount: Skeletal Horse, when the souls of the Lich King plague swept across Lordaeron, which destroy not only the kingdom of mankind. Many good horses in this region also Qu died of the plague, like and they are human beings with their inability to die peacefully. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of resurrection become the souls of those dead horses through their mastery of alchemy and witchcraft, thereby enhancing the combat effectiveness of those who have been forgotten, but also for daily transport. Although these powerful horses robust and tough, but their trainers think they are too zynga poker chips for sale iphone   undisciplined. In any case, these bones are the horses do not need to rest or foodstuffs, which makes them become the best partner for them without souls masters. Leaders: the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, Sylvanas Windrunner was alive, she is valiant Ranger General of Quel'Thalas, she has unparalleled sensitivity and mighty The courageous leadership of the High Elves. During the Third War, she bravely resisted by the death knight Arthas led the Scourge invasion of her kingdom. But in the end, Sylvanas killed. Arthas did not let her die so quickly with the title of the Ranger General, but pulled out of her soul, she was transformed into a banshee: Lich King instill hatred, she became a cunning revenge tool.

Weakened control of his servants, the Lich King, Sylvanas soul fled her brutal master control, go back to their own body. The Sylvanas vow was asked to avenge her own death, then assembled the souls of other apostates and proceeded to wage a war against the zynga poker chips for sale iphone  Scourge. Therefore, those who have been forgotten and their Banshee Queen. Under the command of Sylvanas, the Forsaken joined the Horde, and then frozen in Northrend in remote areas to assist in defeating the Lich King.

However, Sylvanas still faced with many challenges. Kill her within the ranks of an uprising of the other members of the tribe, many of her alliance members now have no confidence in her. Recently, Sylvanas Tirisfal to build fortifications, strengthening her territory zynga poker chips for sale iphone  for her followers to establish a real kingdom. Within the camp When Sylvanas declared her loyalty to the tribe has not diminished when some members doubt her true intentions.

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