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StarCraft ® II: Wings of Liberty ™ "play version (" Wings of Freedom "play") is now kaufen Facebook chips

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Now on, players can log on battle net, 90 war the number of outlets to buy the "Wings of Freedom" playing

version, and experience playing in Zynga Poker Chips for sale  unlimited period of kaufen Facebook poker

chips product operations, "Wings of Freedom"

The fun. In addition, players buy Wings of Liberty "play version better access to multiple premium surprise

courtesy, kaufen Zynga Chips  including:

 a set to commemorate the picture and printing of zynga poker chips for sale iphone   Chinese dragon

specially designed theme: "dragons" and "Face" and "Fearless";
 Special Edition kaufen Zynga Poker Chips of "Thor" unit of the human;
 awarded the enthusiasm of players Rangers FB poker Chips for sale Medal of Freedom; account Zynga Chips for sale bound "World of Warcraft ® in-game" mini Raytheon pet (network

line card of the same war "World of Warcraft" role will  kaufen FB Chips be awarded)

"Before the live battle net buy" Wings of Freedom "play version, with the long settled Ke Pulu Star!
At the same time, as previously announced, we have paid game time at 0:00 am on February 23, 2012,

remaining in your kaufen FB poker Chips account "Freedom Wings" over 120Day players automatically

upgraded to the "Wings of Freedom" unlimited play version. This part of the   FB Chips for sale players to pay

Cheap Facebook poker chips attention to see Blizzard ® PassCheap Facebook chips state, enjoy the game's

surprise gift!

Playing on the Wings of Freedom "version more information, please see Cheap Zynga Poker Chips  the

official announcement previously released on February 7, or feel free to Cheap Zynga Chips  contact Blizzard

customer Cheap FB Chips service hotline。

New players into the Cheap FB poker Chips game before, please register accounts, free download "StarCraft

II" client, or online to apply for Facebook chips for sale free installation disc to install.
We look forward to Facebook poker chips for sale seeing you soon in the game!

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