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Beijing time on August 21, according to foreign media reports, the website Digiday dug Facebook first financing in April 2004 speech. Facebook co-founder Eduardo ? Javier Erlin (Eduardo Saverin) hopes to attract advertisers. Even so, on-line was only two months of the Facebook development can be very rapid, monthly page views reached 90 million.

The first slide of the speech quoted in the Stanford Daily reported saying: "skipping classes, absenteeism students spend a lot of time to indulge in the computer before the the craze has swept the entire campus." Javier Erlin Facebook described Facebook chips for sale  as a "built-in information system to expand the online catalog.

Profile on Facebook only display contact information, persona Facebook chips for sale  l information, course information and a photo. In accordance with a user view a photo, Facebook traffic soared. This young company had 70,000 users, of 3,000,000 next day, page views and 90 million monthly Facebook chips for sale  page views. Users range from 20 universities. The first week of April 2004 alone, it received 10,000 new users.

Erlin Javier wrote: "As of September 1, 2004, will have more than 200 member Facebook chips for sale   schools." 55% of Facebook users from the Ivy League, the male to female ratio is almost equally divided.

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