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Other races and tribes, the orcs are not the indigenous people of Azeroth. Initially, they live in the lush shaman tribal identity Draenor. When the Burning Legion demon lord Kil'jaeden corrupted orcs and planning revenge plot, and use them against the from Kil'jaeden homes exiles kaufen Facebook chips Draenei, Orc abandon their original culture of peaceful life.
A large part of the Orc Warchief by the devil control, drink Burning Legion Pit Lord - Destroyer Mannoroth's blood. Orc by this act to gain strength, but paid a huge kaufen Facebook poker chips price: Burning Legion slavery. Lasting exposure in hell kaufen Zynga Chips energy orcs naturally brown skin turned into a sickening green, orcs use of evil magic has also led to their kaufen Zynga Poker Chips ancestral lands wither and die.

As Kil'jaeden had planned, as the orcs to kill a Draenei majority of the population. Now, Kil'jaeden prepared to test the orcs against the ability of the other enemies. Thousands kaufen FB Chips of years ago, the demon invasion of Azeroth kaufen FB poker Chips failed, but this time the orcs can replace the Burning Legion combat. For this purpose, the depravity of Cheap Facebook chips human Archmage Medivh contact the Orc surgery Shiguerdan. Together, they created the Dark Portal, which Cheap Facebook poker chips makes the orcs can reach Azeroth.

Upon arrival, the Orc shattered the confidence of the human kingdom CheapZynga Chips of Stormwind. Through the eastern Cheap Zynga Poker Chips part of the Kingdom of the north to enter the tribes with a strong army of orcs, and self-confident thought Cheap FB Chips the victory virtually hand. Eventually, however, the internal conflicts led to the failure of the orcs, who was Cheap FB poker Chips killed on the battlefield was rounded up and detained in the camps. However, a young slave named Sal Facebook chips for sale successfully escaped from his cell, and joined the Freedom Corps Orgrim Doomhammer and other orcs. Orgrim Doomhammer's death in battle, Saar new term became tribal chiefs, and Doomhammer weapons successor.

Thrall and his people across the sea to reach the distant Facebook poker chips for sale Kalimdor. In the forests of Ashenvale, the chiefs and Zynga Chips for sale his mentor, Grom Hellscream fight against Mannoroth. Finally, Ge Nuomu sacrifice their lives to kill the lord Zynga Poker Chips for sale and to eliminate the blood curse from the orcs forever. Orc history has opened a new chapter: the war is no FB Chips for sale longer the focus of their culture. They occupied the land along the east coast of Kalimdor, Thrall named Durotar.

Years later, the chiefs and others back to the ruins of Draenor, now known as Outland place to prevent the next attack of the Burning Legion. There, Sal met with the son of Grom Hellscream Gal Rouch and convince him to join the tribe to return to Azeroth as a consultant. Fight against the Lich King in Northrend, Gal Rouch is one of the main commanders, popular because FB poker Chips for sale of the fiery character.

In addition to as tribal leaders, Sal is a force of nature close relationship between the shaman. He noted that the elements of the spirit of severe disorders, he knew that he must remove the chief's office Qutan what happens in order to avoid the whole of Azeroth in chaos. Selected in all, Sal Gal Rouch is the best choice of chiefs. However, sophisticated than his predecessors, impulsive Hellscream become more aggressive. When the same violent Walianwu Ruien Guo reign over the entire Stormwind, than ever before, the orcs at the moment seem to be more need to rely on zynga poker chips for sale iphone  their own strength.
Birthplace: zynga poker chips for sale iphone  Long Taer dry, barren land on the growth of the most brutal creatures of Azeroth. The unwary traveler is likely to become the Scorpion, ferocious crocodiles or the prey of furious wild boar. The third war, in order to make repent the crimes of the orcs, Thrall choose to settle should not survive in this place. He named the land as Durotan, to commemorate his father, the former chief of the Frostwolf clan. With the arrival of the earth fission orc settlements were flooded, destroyed. And the northern soldiers pulling Gardner castle has become more aggressive than ever before. With the deterioration of relations between the Horde and the Alliance, the beast that people feel the need to put an immediate end to these threats, in order to ensure the survival of his people. Home City: Orgrimmar Orc just settled in Durotar, and soon built up before any leader Orgrim destruction hammer named the capital. Recently, Gal Rouch Hellscream rebuilt most of the buildings in the city, Orgrimmar has one of the most spectacular fortress in Azeroth column. Metal minarets line the city's streets, tribal red and black flag flying everywhere. Most of the race, the Tauren to the spirit of wisdom Valley Valley Troll, was assigned to the region. Gro Marsh fortress far above the other buildings, which makes Gal Rouch Hellscream able to closely guard his people. Racial Mount: wolf a long time ago, the orcs tame de Rola's growing wolf. These giant canine animal was later Orc chosen as companions, but also the favored means of transport. Wolf fearless temperament make them particularly suited to fight in the same large prey. When the orcs become more militant and invade Azeroth, their wolf bred large size and have better endurance, so that they can be used as armored riders into battle. The dire wolf is still the most orc warriors favored horse, they can purchase honor in Orgrimmar's Valley. Leader: chief of the tribe Gal Rouch Hellscream Calcutta Rouch was born in Delano, from childhood in his father - the great war Shige Roma? Hellscream under the influence of growth. Chieftain of the Warsong clan, Grom is the leader of the first orcs to drink the blood of Mannoroth, the orcs to obey the will of the Burning Legion. Before this incident, Calcutta Rouch is one of the few orcs that are already tired of the red virus. They were isolated in Nagrand outside, so that they can escape the intrusion of the devil. Young Hellscream ashamed of his father, until he met Sal and understanding of the the Grom heroes redemption story. Since Gal Rouch play his potential as a powerful leader, especially in Northrend, Borean Tundra guidelines tribal progress, where he won his people's support. With the proud spirit of compromise and strong, the the Hellscream intention not hesitate to use any means necessary  zynga poker chips for sale iphone  to restore the glory of the Orc.

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