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We have recently, the secret of the "Panda" talent tree simulator updated since the entire

Information is still being developed, these updates the current state of development and

Not the last sentence, but not on the stage and announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are the perfect

Have the future of this game will not buy facebook chips

Modified "

If you have played this game, you will have noticed that we never thought of the perfect, the

Achieve future to buy Facebook have chips that can never

We have yet to focus on the income effect (buff) and debuffs (debuffs that) to

develop, but we already have many buffs buy facebook poker chips and debuffs

Programs with the right part of the job gain effect, and the other is not the one to his

to explain to others what each part is omitted, can buy Zynga chips us here just

Then show the design for you and all other systems in the entire piece of information that have

we are not even in beta stage, so we have enough buy Zynga Poker Chips

Time to change those things

First, a list of design goals, so you better understand our approach [email protected]

They feel that they have become stronger in the team and the rest of the players
She would like to invite you and who is able to invite someone and if they need buffs in

different professions, the reach, so this target to buy chips scattered FB would be a problem

but not encouraged to invite a lot of the same job, if you rely on three players in a position to all

have collected the buff, then you buy FB chips may be inclined to use the most appropriate

That the crew of the current situation of the rest of the team accumulating the same position

Occupation can fill in the part of the boundary of one of these things, but to buy poker chips FB to see a certain degree be cheap facebook chips,

Sophisticated team play has always been the limit match for other people, we will try to let

each chief war do not require that you arrange cheap facebook poker chips half a group of people with bank

Standby time consuming
We tend to be more generous in the DPS role, because the team - especially the team - have a role

the treatment tanks and more rigid Cheap Zynga chips demand
We usually do not want DPS classes are forced to use the talent in exchange for a certain

A common example buff wash to the fight with a thief, forced to gain the effect

Cheap Zynga poker chips

To wash, however, murder, our experience, the players in a gain resulting from the remote

Talent by way of talent or smaller melee Cheap FB replaced chips, DPS Shaman

DPS Druid can provide various buffs

Finally, some comments on the following list:

The list contains only as Prayer of Fortitude and the like are not "traditional" gain effect

are the specific mechanism of the fly trap, blowing complex war, and mobile services and the like

The related skill buffs that the whole team on the battlefield or combination

can influence are taken into account
the entire model is more complex than it seems, for example, per Paladin can only have one blessing, and the

Soldiers can not just think a roar Cheap FB Poker Chips that

A separate part of the profession under the name of all the buffs and debuffs
Part of the profit impact of the initiative (the thrown to them, such as the Prayer of Fortitude) and the

Rest are passive Please note that the future facebook chips for sale policy that totem will no longer mention

For the passive buffs
You may notice that some categories have been consolidated or deleted are not bleeding,

more unreasonable, because everyone will be concerned about the bleeding, the effect on their own

Magic Resistance only win facebook poker chips for sale

Was removed from the game, but still has some skills that can cut your magic damage Zynga chips for sale
We can also follow this design: so that the hunter (Beastmaster Hunters) for the team to the

lack of specific buffs offer

As always, we look Zynga poker chips for sale all feedback

Buff (Buff)

A number of FB chips for sale properties
Effect: +5% strength, agility and intelligence
Example: Blessing of Kings
: Every Druid, FB poker chips for sale all monks, a Paladin

Effect: +10% Stamina
Example: Power Word: Fortitude
: Every pastor, the FB poker chips for sale Warlock, every soldier

Attack Power
Effect: +10% melee and ranged attack power (which we again melee and ranged attack power bonus

changed as a)
Example: battle cry
: Every death knight, a FB poker chips for sale hunter, a soldier

Effect: +10% spell power (not version 6%)
Example: Arcane Brilliance
Provider: every master, each FB poker chips for sale Shaman, a Warlock

Effect: +10% melee and remote rapid
Example: Improved Icy Talons
Provider: Frost / evil death knight, no zynga poker chips for sale iphone Stalker Shaman

Spell Haste
Effect: +5% spell haste
Example: Moonkin Aura
: Balance druids, zynga poker chips for sale iphone Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman

Effect: +5% long-range, melee and spell critical
Example: Leader of the Pack
Provider: daemon / Feral Druid, zynga poker chips for sale iphone hunter, every, every master

Effect: +5 rule
Example: This is a new category
: Riding the Wind monks, a Paladin, Shaman each

Less positive effect (debuff that)

Expose Armor
Effect: -12% armor
Example: Sunder Armor
Provider: All Druids, no zynga poker chips for sale iphone Stalkers, every soldier

Physical Yi injured
Effect: Physical damage taken by 4%
Example: cooling only bone
Provided by: Frost / bad zynga poker chips for sale iphone Death Knight, Retribution Paladins, Arms / Fury Warrior

Spell Yi injured
Effect: The spell damage +8%
Example: Curse of the Elements
: Any stalker zynga poker chips for sale iphone Warlock

Effect: Physical damage -10%
Example: before Demoralizing Shout, now clap of thunder
: Blood death knights, feral / guardian zynga poker chips for sale iphone the druid, brewer monks, protection, retribution paladins, warriors,

each (each tank)

Cast delay
Effect: -30% casting speed
Example: palsy cream
Provider: Every death knight, a sneak by, the Warlock

Fatal to
Effect: -25% of the treatment effect
Example: Mortal Strike
Provider: Arms / Fury warriors, all stalkers, each hunter

Greg Street ("Ghost Crab"), the principal systems engineer is the "World of Warcraft He was not in the

Able to convince the members of the group of other professional development are changing the

Mastery of zynga poker chips for sale iphone warfare

Sex - he wanted to meet the additional reduction in the risk of injury during a fall from a height


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