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  • Zynga Poker Chips for sale - Facebook's charm

On February 2, the world's largest social networking site Facebook IPO application submitted

become the biggest news of the global capital markets last week. Facebook IPO financing amount of

$ 5 billion, the market value is expected to reach $ 100 billion, the main shareholders to become a

billionaire, this is one of the largest ever network company IPO, which also led to a new bull market

investors for a variety of assets expectations.

As a typical representative of the asset-light areas, investment in Internet companies in recent years,

maintained a higher appeal. Such companies in common is that but more dependent on the

investment of fixed assets or tangible assets to achieve business expansion, to get rid of the problem

of high cost and low efficiency of heavy assets for enterprises, have a unique business model as well

as in various fields innovation, which also generate income higher than the market average.

Example, has maintained a rapid growth of Google since the listing of five years, income grew by

more than 7 times, about five times its share price has doubled; history never to invest in technology

stocks, Buffett bought $ 10.7 billion of IBM stock last year, he is the value of IBM's powerful

sustainable competitive advantage, particularly in product gross margin and return on net assets of

these two financial indicators as well as the brand customer loyalty. Buffett bought IBM stock's

average price is about $ 167.19 per share, the stock has more than 190 U.S. dollars.

Facebook IPO how the need to market test. Especially on the domestic situation, Facebook is still in

the state "can not be displayed" Investors need to be cautious.

Listed on the domestic Internet companies, the share price because of "all" of the social networking

site Facebook IPO application of this positive and higher, other familiar the excellent local Internet

company Sina, Baidu, Tencent, also brought great for Zynga Chips for sale  investors wealth.

If investment ranging from Internet companies to expand into asset-light company, can also be in

the local tap into similar unique competitive  Zynga Chips for sale  advantage, companies with good assets operation, they

meet the future need of national economic  Zynga Chips for sale  restructuring, will become a class in the near future

noteworthy investment  Zynga Chips for sale  targets.

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