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  • Facebook Chips in stock - Facebook officially launched the IPO road show analysts generally optimistic about the

The United States on Monday, Facebook officially open the IPO road show, which attracted the participation of many investors, analysts have a positive view of Facebook stock.

Last Thursday, Facebook, submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) S-1 documents show the company to determine the IPO price range of U.S. $ 35 in 28 a share, which means that the company's value will be $ 77 billion to $ 96 billion .

Facebook plans to fund raising in the IPO transaction of approximately $ 10.6 billion, is expected to become the largest IPO of U.S. Internet companies, more than $ 23 billion valuation of Google (Google) listed in 2004. The market value of the company's listed second only to the Amazon (Amazon), and exceed the market value of other technology companies, Hewlett-Packard (Hewlett-Packard).

Long-term growth Cheap Facebook chips of Facebook and Zuckerberg on the company's control caused some investors to worry, but expected the rush of investors or will this market has been looking forward to the IPO feast.

Facebook IPO scale reflects the company's growth and expected profitability. Many investors believe that once the road show from New York to go to other major cities such as Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, Facebook will certainly increase the price of the stocks to be issued.

Evercore Partners analyst Cheap Facebook chips  Ken Seine by Ken Sena, said that Facebook's value should be 140 billion to 160 billion dollars, higher than Facebook to set the target range of $ 770 billion to 960 billion.

Senna believes that changes Cheap Facebook chips  in the Facebook advertising platform than Wall Street expected, much faster. Facebook is for publishers to create a platform in the dynamic summary "Sponsored content". In addition, Facebook has also enabled a new algorithm to measure the effectiveness of such advertising. He said: "Facebook will be re-definition of advertising, the company will become the most valuable media company."

Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Herman Leung (Herman Leung) investors report that on Monday, Facebook, this year's revenue will grow 40% next year's revenue will grow by 33%. He said that $ 28 per share to $ 35 per share issue price range for Facebook stock is a very attractive valuation, to provide investors with a good buy point.


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