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People like Google better than Microsoft, like kaufen Facebook chips Facebook than Google. In this delicate situation, Microsoft and kaufen Facebook poker chips Facebook Expand the search for cooperation, a considerable

At the same time led to two wars

Microsoft Facebook deepen cooperation

Become more interesting because of the kaufen Zynga Chips protracted contest between Facebook to join Microsoft and Google.

Local time on October 13, Microsoft's online services president Qi Lu, and FacebookCEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared together at Microsoft headquarters, the kaufen Zynga Poker Chips two companies

Held a joint press conference, announced that it will kaufen FB Chips deepen the partnership. In accordance with the plans of kaufen FB poker Chips both sides this time, Microsoft's search engines "must" will be introduced to Facebook

Some of the content. Microsoft officially launched on the 13th night Cheap Facebook chips  of this service.

Allegedly, when the login to Facebook users and Cheap Facebook poker chips  have the functionality of Facebook, instant personalized  Cheap Zynga Chips user access to Microsoft's search site, they will see the screen

The upper right corner of the message, if you choose Cheap Zynga Poker Chips  to accept the service, his will should be on the search Cheap FB Chips  results will be public information of their friends on Facebook integrated into the

To go. In addition, the user searches for text, video, pictures and Cheap FB poker Chips  other resources from Facebook friends to Facebook chips for sale "praise" (Like) will Facebook poker chips for sale  be taken into account.

The two companies believe that this cooperation is a major step in a personalized process to improve search results.

Microsoft Adds a Zynga Chips for sale  bargaining chip

Zuckerberg said at the press conference: "Microsoft have become a good partner because they are at a disadvantage, and they are affected by this incentive

Fully committed to continuous innovation. "He pointed out that Microsoft is delivering an unprecedented initiative to quickly increase Zynga Poker Chips for sale their share.

Rely on search engines to grow in just a few years for the Internet giant Google proved this market gold. Like many other companies, micro-

Soft also been coveted here, hoping to share the "cake" as much as possible, but always unhappy.

Until a year and a half ago, Microsoft's new search engine Bing on the development of the situation gradually to the software giant in the desired direction. Subsequently, Microsoft and Yahoo signed

Internet search provides a 10-year cooperation agreement to jointly battle Google.

Facebook has over 500 million registered users. Some analysts on this believe that Microsoft and Facebook, no doubt intended to take advantage of each other's popularity in

The search engine market to Cheap FB Chips  obtain a greater share.

CharleneLi AltimerGroup analyst Cheap FB Chips  of the market research firm, said: "It will not let Google out, but it lost the leadership in FB poker Chips for sale the social search

Position, so that must be replaced Cheap FB Chips  and Facebook. "However, he also acknowledged that the size and strength will be enough to shake the dominance of FB Chips for sale Google, but Microsoft

Has been the fact that to obtain  Cheap FB Chips a foothold in the zynga poker chips for sale iphone  past year shows that Google also have weaknesses.

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