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World prehistoric chaos re-opened

The great flood is coming. Mass of the mystery of the "Panda" message over time kaufen Facebook chips is through the channels of the press conference, and so drown you. This will be an exciting moment in the history of the "World of Warcraft, and we all waited patiently for its occurrence.

But ...... is not now. I must be declared in advance to this point, because this blog is kaufen Facebook chips not directly related to the mystery of the "Panda". In this article, you will not see any notice of this is just one you might be interested or not interested in theory to explore the text. If you want to see exciting notice, you know what I would say: soon ™.

Multiple DPS Specialization

I say this article is not "directly" related, I would like to discuss kaufen Facebook poker chips here the problem is, of course we have been in the development process of the mystery of the "Panda" in the tangled problems, but also the entire "World of Warcraft" will always kaufen Facebook poker chips be encountered. Many professional game has a multi-system DPS talent. For Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue, warrior and death knight is their DPS talent, and even between melee and range points. So here there is a problem: what is their position? I do not think there is a correct answer here, not to mention the years we have been design changes. Note, I do not what to notice. The design itself can have a variety of development direction. We kaufen Zynga Poker Chips often discuss this issue internally, and we can imagine, our talented community players often discuss the same thing.

A Paladin can choose a tank talent, talent or treatment melee talent. With the dual spec system, she can  kaufen FB Chips even kaufen Zynga Chips be switched at any time talent to adapt to team needs. If her team does not need additional treatment or her to play the tank to play tired, she can easily switch without the need to rebuild a role for the DPS talent. One degree of freedom of the Warlock is not so high. However, this warlock still has a three-line talent. What is the meaning of which there? In order so that you can switch with the actual situation of the destruction of talent and demons talent? Lets you choose like the bombing of the destruction, like DoT, you choose pain? Or you prefer to cut talent in order to improve the% of the theoretical DPS away?

When players want to own role Buff, always casually thrown some saying that their career, "the lack of kaufen FB poker Chips design direction. Obviously, each class has its own development orientation; only players sometimes do not recognize this. My view is that the discussion of a current design is the optimal solution does not mean that the design itself does not exist. This distinction is very important. Of course, the above problem: "I should have choice of which system DPS talent?" We also have a guideline: What is your favorite in Cheap Facebook chips that Department. But this does not mean that this is the best model does not mean we will never not going to modify it. Here we can try some other mode:

Model - everyone is equal

If the different departments of the talent available to you similar DPS and facilitation skills, then you can be free to choose your talent specialization. Maybe you like the ice with the kite, or like the cycle of the output of the mad war, then play them. As I said above, this is the mode we have been used, but also achieved some success. But the problem is a "have maintained this requirement. We can easily make all DPS talent in playing the stakes to draw very close to the figures (and the indeed the case). But the leader of war is not like playing stakes so simple. More favorable to the occasion with a small amount of mobs DoT talent. Has a large number of mobs occasion more favorable AE talent. Warfare needs of the occasion, your DPS will be as the movement frequency and distance changes. Even if the DPS is lower by several percentage points, many players will choose to switch talent to get a better DPS (even if only a theoretical level, even if they will not accustomed to new talent, but to make their own DPS lower). A love for the Master of the fire department may be forced to turn Austria frustrated, another player may have the opportunity to try different gifts for different fighting excited.

The ranks of the "spine" of the wings of death battle constitute the imbalance problem with the actual requirements of the battle: the need for Cheap Facebook poker chips explosive output in the output window, so one minute cooling DPS bills and two minutes of cooling DPS big move on very different. Even if we let the talent of each department can have the same AE and monomer harm, we must also ensure that each Department of the talent in the output window can have the same explosive power? In mathematics possible? Or do we Cheap Zynga Chips need to test each line talent in the team a copy of the current level of performance in every leader of a war, and accordingly adjusted the occasion of the occupation? This is undoubtedly a very high frequency Cheap Zynga Poker Chips of adjustments, and I doubt whether we will lose some of the fun of the experimental and theoretical projections. If you can choose any specialization of a Cheap FB Chips series of the same injury, and can play in any battle. This is obviously a more balanced, but it really interesting? Is not lack the depth and fun?

Mode II - everyone has a series of talent is best suited to the current situation

In this mode, we can create some unique talent specialization. Such as the Austrian Department can be good at a single Cheap FB poker Chips output, the fire can be good at the AE. The game has been partially used this design, but we are trying not to overdo it. If you really particularly like playing a Department of the Master, or a special aversion to cutting talent, then you may not like this model. Moreover, we do not want the leader of war designed to care too much, that requires precise control of AE and the proportion of single injury, warfare and stakes output, and full output and the protracted time allocation. In the arena and the battlefield, not suitable for such a design (for example, in PvP warfare and explosive power are very important), so in these cases, it's still there may be one of the best talent choice.

Mode - you switch talent to get the different complementary skills

If we use this model, then you may need to switch to another Department of talent in order to obtain a specific skill. The current game in the same part of the design. A death knight may turn evil because of the need anti-magic field. Hunters may turn Beastmaster for a team to gain. Master may be in a very favorable burning skills to turn the fire. Druid may be cut to balance the repelling effect of the typhoon. Such examples as well. As the mode, not every player is like to be an urgent talent. If you like survival, you may be others require you to cut the Beastmaster buff and angry. If the repel effect is very useful, it can also limit your team composition, and even some casual guild need every battle with a specific trumpet or bench players. If, for example, if a copy of the current level team in place to make the warrior skills scenery, the soldiers might think he became a spare tire. However, each leader can try to make each level of the team a copy of all career full of glory, nor is it a reality.

The extreme case of this kind of "auxiliary" talent is that they will not only affect the DPS, but also assistance and collaboration with other players, to improve the ability of all. This is the "Burning Crusade" mode, the shaman and dark, animal husbandry, were recruited into the group was able to play higher DPS just to let those other functions more purely professional (such as soldiers). In the "Lich King", we have to change this setting, the team gain and skills more widely distributed to various occupations, makes the team and Cheap FB poker Chips the composition of the underground city team more freedom. The dark, animal husbandry has been hoping to play the same DPS and other occupation, rather than becoming green leaves set off the other players. But the feedback we get more to give their career or specialization increase the number of complementary capabilities in order to improve the chances of being recruited into the group.

Mode IV - PvE, a gift, the PvP is a talent

This is the mode of the "World of Warcraft" classic old-world era, and we also understand that some players do not mind the return of this model. In this mode, the weapons of war, ice France, keen thief are designed to be good at the PvP and other such violent war, fire, law, and fighting a thief was designed as a PvE talent. PvP specialization may have better mobility or survival ability or explosive talent PvE to ongoing 6-10 minutes the leader of war damage output. Since the classic old world, this game, we carried out mass changes. In many of today's team and the underground city leaders battle, we no longer allow the DPS classes can simply stood like a playing stakes, like pumping Boss, Mobility, survivability and explosive power in PvE can be quite popular, and sometimes can provide higher DPS than others (the old saying "dead DPS"). In addition, if a series of talent to the PvP, the other is used to PvE, then the pure DPS classes Tertiary talent doing it? ("Used to upgrade the talent? This really interesting?) In addition, the mystery of the" Panda "talent tree design explicitly the skills in some of the traditional PvP talents moved to the new system, so that the same occupation talent can enjoy them. If successful, then you can use the ice method to participate in the team a copy of, or Austrian law to the PvP, and also to maintain the traditional ice control capability and ability to escape. So you like the Austrian law but want to PvP, or would like to PvE when the ice with not tangle. But this is for players who pursues minimalism that specific talent must focus on a particular direction is not so cool.

Mode - Remove the plural DPS talent

This is a model of the most controversial and needs changes is also the largest, which means we almost never do so. But in order to cover everything to discuss issues, you can put the view that we should not design a career with more DPS Specialization talent. In this mode, weapons and violent talent needs to be deleted and replaced with something else. (Archery? Treatment?) Warlock and the other pure DPS classes may require large-scale reset, and finally we may see a tank and nearly tactics disabilities. Anyway, everyone becomes a mixed career. By the time you actually to a remote output or melee output (like Druid or Shaman) will be the most difficult decision. From a design perspective, this idea is still very beautiful, because it directly to Facebook chips for sale resolve a problem: the pure DPS classes output than what a mixed career high to balance the freedom that they are missing? "But, perhaps counterintuitive, The beautiful design is usually not the best (oh, think of this I wanted to write a blog post). Mode five problems can only be talking about it, unless you can cross back to the pre-release of "World of Warcraft" can easily change  Facebook poker chips for sale things rather than to. Needless to say this will irritate the players, let them feel that change is too great, and some design completely out of the original, and thus feel they are being cheated. I generally will not say "never", but this change in a mature game is very unrealistic. I put it more in order to be able exhaustive discussion of the problem here, because I think some might ask.

But which model is best?

I do not know. In general, I consider the above model is not an absolutely correct. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you can Zynga Chips for sale also give birth to many variants on the basis of the five modes, even the idea of ​​a new program. As I said, we are not announced that we have to change the current design philosophy. If we FB poker Chips for sale receive enough feedback on a pattern, we may have changed my mind. Please remember that we do not think there is a correct answer on this issue, so the Zynga Poker Chips for sale spirit of this approach to post your response.

Chief systems architect, Greg Street, the "ghost crab" World of Warcraft ". And maintain a world record of barbarism FB Chips for sale against crit damage ... perhaps such as the beginning of the IC packaging and testing, you can refresh his record?


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