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  • Facebook Chips in stock - Chess game tips: Poker 99% winning skills

Core Tip: poker kaufen Zynga Poker Chips  skills highly, such as playing mahjong winning or losing 60% luck, 40 percent rely on the skills, then the poker game of winning or losing is only about 40% luck, 60% of skill ...

Whether playing or kaufen Zynga Poker Chips gambling, any game to decide who will win, there must be a winner there must be losers. If there is a game you can win money, then it must also have its uncertainty, to rely on luck to determine the winners and losers. This like a chess Chinese chess and other board games, win or lose is completely determined by the technical level of the players, amateur players will not be a Kudan player game, because such a result is obvious - to lose

Extremely popular kaufen Zynga Poker Chips poker game (Texas Hold'em, a Taurus, Hong Kong-style five) is a completely different game, your opponent is not a game lobby, but at the same table players, each player at the same time the dealer. Strong poker skills, such as playing mahjong winning or losing 60% luck, 40 percent rely on the skills, then the poker game of winning or losing is only about 40% luck, 60% of skill, poker table each person luck to have good and bad, easy music blueberry pie (Yi Yue chess) the mathematical probability for each player are the same luck, poker winning or losing the most important thing is relying on the skills you have mastered.

Now, I want to tell you how to do a successful poker player! ! !

A successful poker player, should have the following personality and mental conditions:

(1) a modest goal: set a goal before the game, and strictly comply with. This includes the number of winning and losing money bottom line, game time, once the objectives are achieved, we must terminate the game, another day playing. Of course, if the winning resourcefulness, good luck, we should seize the opportunity to win, bad luck to act decisively to stop, in short, do not tell the money to make life difficult on the

(2) self-control, anytime, anywhere to regulate their emotions will not let emotions affect their own game: the game emotionally, each player may mistake. Bad luck, it is easy emotions out of control, irritable, unstable, and the temerity to bet, it is easy mistakes.

3 long-term vision, do not care about the moment of loss: losing money is a very common, high level players, he would lose money, but not to hold a sure to lose money to win back psychological, and constantly get money to play with, if you lose money this mentality, the result is usually more to play more to lose, the more we lose more play to sink deeper and deeper ah!

(4) Be patient: Poker is a game requires great patience, and sometimes this game is very boring and tedious, do not have a good hand for a long time abandoned the cards, then let a lot of very patient players lost patience to play are not worth playing card, which is the main reason why most players lose money.
 

Deadpan: through the opponent's action expression can determine the strength of the rival brand, this is a skill, a player's shortcomings. Therefore, both of your hands, what kind of brand, we must do to face expressionless, so that the opponent can not guess how you would look out of your sales what brand. This is some of the players at the poker table wearing sunglasses, the main reason for wearing a baseball cap, to hide the facial expressions unwittingly revealed the secret. Europe and the United States "Poker Face" (POKER FACE) in this argument, that is, from the poker tables, means those calm and expressionless face. Of course, online poker, this concern is greatly reduced, but the rhythm of your bet is still able to reveal some secrets, so pay attention to changing the rhythm of their own bets.

To know how to insist on: Sometimes you have to believe in fate, you have to believe in luck there is always cares for you, as long as you adhere to the long-term, you're the winner! Of course, this is not called when you lose to adhere to play it, I am talking about long-term, when to give up, lose or give up.

Will play the Texas Hold'em games as a form of entertainment, board games, and not long indulged themselves. The poker game is a very addicted to the game, many people at the poker table Wan Jitian and nights without sleep, which is taboo in the game. Some people say that winning in Texas poker table, relying on your opponent to make mistakes, and you are less committed, or do not make mistakes. This is particularly important when we less the same level. Play time is too long, physical fatigue, the most easy to make mistakes, perhaps imperceptible, until the discovery judge for themselves the serious mistakes too late. Therefore play cards should not have too much time, in general, the game time not more than eight hours, so that in order to ensure your energy, do not make less mistakes.

If you do what I say, I believe you will be a successful poker player, has a powerful Texas Hold'em skills, or to rely on their own in the game to accumulate experience, with me that these are only It is not enough effort is the last word! ! !


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