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  • Comprar pokerist chip - Call to Auction talks economy and professions with the devs

The Call to Auction podcast, which features our own Basil "Euripides" Berntsen, recently had the opportunity to send a big batch of questions about pokerist chip's auction house, economy, and professions to developers Greg Street and He-Rim Woo. The devs gave out some great info, some highlights of which include:

There are no plans for a sweeping auction house redesign

Due to the popularity of the cooking and Comprar pokerist poker chip blacksmithing catch-up mechanisms, similar mechanisms for herbalism and mining might be on the way

The Guardian Cub experiment was just that, and it's unlikely there'll be another item like it

Splitting items off of a stack in the auction house is also unlikely going forward

It's possible that buy orders will be implemented for high-cost items like Mechano-Hogs, Comprar pokerist poker chip unlikely for stuff like flasks and enchants

The mailbox as the AH delivery system doesn't feel quite right and may eventually change

You can read the full interview on the Consortium forums.

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