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  • Facebook Chips in stock - Behind the island

Although the panda happy living in the home, but their hearts always worried about one day be able to stray back. In order to meet this stray addiction, long time ago, the old scholar named Liu waves go into exile, leaving the coast of Panda Leah, standing in a huge kaufen Facebook chips  sea turtle back, wandering explore the outside world. During this period, Liu waves on several occasions to return home, will be out to see the wonders of wonderful things to convey kaufen Facebook poker chips to the home crowd. Every home bearing Liu waves wind and waves of sea kaufen Zynga Chips turtles God Mako seems to grow greater than ever.

Liu Lang's death, his followers still adhere to leave the the Panda Elijah coast to explore the outside world. Turtles grew larger, the body is already huge to almost a small town. "Behind the island," hence the name, the young panda kaufen Zynga Poker Chips who istraining and learning with each other, playing the gun to get the stick practicing kaufen FB Chips martial arts.

Behind the island has always been peaceful life until one day Behind the island began to cross the ocean rushed into the maelstrom of the Azeroth. The ground becomes bumpy, crops began to wither, God Mako seems to wobbling out of kaufen FB poker Chips control in the ocean, a step by step towards the death spiral.

As one of the Rangers high hopes for Panda, you have to unlock the truth of the threat Behind the island is located. But the apprenticeship on the island where the reason for the troubled giant tortoises of disagreement, the solution is also very different. Whether they can the first time (but the hastily) to save their homes in the go down the drain? Also, or they can be Cheap Facebook chips thoughtful, to find a safer (but slower) way to spend this catastrophe?

Your choice will determine the future development of Panda road in a changing world to explore.

Emerald forest
After a large-scale naval battle, the Horde and Alliance Navy will suffer. Survivors drift, washed up onto the Panda Leah Beach. The rescue of the two camps then began to zynga poker chips for sale iphone  explore the mysterious island this was shrouded in Cheap Facebook poker chips fog. Are you living in them.

As the first to set foot on Panda Leah's adventure, you will investigate in the emerald around the bamboo and swamp forest, while there is also a Zynga Poker Chips for sale Panda Leah, the two most outstanding race settled the land. Looks like the monkeys apes and the shape of the fish Kam fish, thriving in the river along the prosperity of the FB Chips for sale emerald forest, and their first encounter may be treated as enemies treat. But basically, you in this fair land,FB poker Chips for sale lack of companions and guards, and efforts to curry favor with the locals to become allies is the only way out of Cheap Zynga Chips your current.

Category: Dungeon
Location: emerald forest
Suitable for grades: 85-86
Leader number: 4
In the eastern center of Cheap Zynga Poker Chips the emerald forest, Panda Elijah's race maintains a solemn temple named Seiryuji on Cheap FB Chips behalf of the wisdom and foresight. From coast overlooking Panda Leah race will be competing on the land Cheap FB poker Chips to come, intensive, or comprehend the documents stored in the temple library, because Panda Elijah history Facebook chips for sale will always be in accordance with the contents described on the document evolved. The temple is particularly Facebook poker chips for salesacred Kam fish people, they use the temple of the crystal ball fortune telling, as they monitor the eyes and Zynga Chips for sale ears of the entire continent.

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